Supreme Court does its Duty – Yes

The supreme court has to strike down the mandate portion of the law that would impose a penalty on someone not purchasing insurance. It will go back, be rewritten, using different phraseology, be resubmitted, and pass. Or they may surprise us altogether and actually declare health care insurance a fraud that has been perpetrated on the American people. It should be thrown out of court as unworthy of consideration, but that would mean pointing out the obvious to the general public.

Our esteemed supreme court judges seldom step outside their strict interpretation of the laws so as not to show partiality to either side. They are not going to point out for instance that your very doctors are in on the scam. By filling their quota or patient roster with card carrying insurance members, they receive kickbacks, bonuses if you will, which tends to make them bend their Hippocratic oath just a tad. It’s money for nothing really, who wouldn’t do it?

And they have solved the age old problem of people not paying their doctor. To further insure you do not annoy him too much, a co-pay is used each time you visit. You are assured this saves you money and keeps your insurance premiums to their ridiculously high levels. Now the doctor to his credit has to pay very substantial insurance malpractice fees. It speaks very ill of us, his patient’s, that we would ever think of doing such a thing as suing! Why, don’t we know, us commoner’s, who must live under workman’s comp., that an arm or a leg are only worth so much! Why, we should be willing to sign a paper disavowing all intention to sue, if we trust our doctor!

Think now we haven’t even talked about the cost of going to the emergency room by ambulance! And if you must stay… No wonder people are scared, it’s the devil himself reasoning your faith away! The devil is in the details you see. And because you have no faith, and secretly plan to sue, why you must pay his wages, and he must pay his crew! All the insurance’s army of worker’s who have been working so hard for you, out recruiting new members to help keep your prices down.

Following up on your care to make sure your doctor does his duty, to curb expenses, requires another battalion of workers! What an employer the devil is! A great man, to be sure! And all those minions need good pay, and bountiful pensions for their service, and of course good medical is guaranteed! Wherever does he get the money from to pay all those soldiers? And your hospital bill, to boot! Hurrah for his glory will go up forever and ever!

You see the judges aren’t going to give you advice on how to live your generation. They do what they are allowed to do, and that is to interpret, not make the laws! Why, if only we could trust the doctors and the hospitals, and the ambulances, not to rip-off the insurance companies! Think of all those people who could be put to better work! And it’s all because of us, we have no trust in doctors!