Supreme Court should Repeal Nationalized Health Care – Yes

The Supreme Court should repeal Obama-care. The far reaching intrusion into our health, well-being and financial privacy, is a socialist program that is clearly unconstitutional. Obama-care has caused the cost of health insurance to skyrocket and the administration was well aware that this would happen. In this hard economic time, given to us by the same progressives that brought us Obama-care, the country is bleeding jobs. Much of the job loss is due to companies planning for the financial hit they are about to take.

When fully implemented, Obama-care regulators, not someone in an elected position, will decide who gets care and what type of care they get. Let’s look at what regulators have done to date under this administration. They’ve taken pensions from non-union workers while they’ve bailed out huge union employers. They’ve handed over trillions in tax payer dollars under the Green Energy guise to people who helped get Obama elected. Fully 80% of the loans went to administration friends and allies, many of the companies are already bankrupt. The national debt has just surpassed $15 Trillion and it is still rising. These are  samples of why it would be disastrous to allow another multi-trillion dollar nationalized health insurance program to be fully implemented.

Looking overseas there are many variations of socialized medicine. It was recently reported that euthanasia, already being used in the Netherlands on the terminally ill and elderly, might be changing. The bureaucrats running the health care system there, are currently considering euthanasia for the poor and lonely as well. In that country, it comes down to the cost. Decisions on who should live or die are made on paper with no acknowledgment that they are signing the death warrant for a person due to the cost of getting them well. In thinking of a person who is poor, it is survival of the fittest. They consider a lonely person far less productive, therefore the collective would benefit from dismissing them from their midst. These godless practices are abhorrent to most Americans.

Americans are much more apt to reach out to another human being who is suffering from poverty and loneliness, than they are pointing them out for euthanasia. 

Ours has been a legacy of self-determination. We as Americans breathe freedom. We value our privacy. We salute our flag and hold God above men. We can not hand over our freedom and grovel under tyranny. The American people said no to Obama-care in a wide margin, yet the progressives ignored the will of the people and voted it in. Our will and our Constitution should be respected by those we elect to work for us.

The Supreme Court should repeal Obama-care and send a message that this country will remain one ruled by law, not ideology.