Surveillance Equipment

Surveillance equipment is a system of cameras and motion detectors set up around your business or home or any other compound. It allows you to view and record live feeds of everything that goes on around you compound. It is great if you have a large space and worry about security. But what are the negatives there are any and what are the positives of such equipment? In this article ill try to highlight both and give you some advice.

Surveillance equipment can be very useful but at the same time can be turned against you and used to invade your privacy.

Here are some positives and negative points

Security: you feel safer knowing that anyone that invades your compound or want to commit a criminal offense will be caught on camera. Even when you’re not at home you know that the house is being watched. The camera can act as a deterrent to criminals because they know they are being watched so you have evidence of the crime. Cost: security cameras can be expensive and keep in mind that the cameras are not the only thing you be paying for. There is also the receiver device and the installation cost. Complexity: this can be both a negative and positive. If you are not technically bright you will need to higher a person to install the equipment leading to more cost. Network: for large compounds and buildings you will need to have a large network of cameras which will mean more costs. Privacy: some people feel that the cameras are an invasion of privacy so you will need to make sure that the camera’s a not pointing in a direction that could make a person feel this way. The system can also be used against you if penetrated. People have been known to turn surveillance systems against there owners by getting the cameras to feed data to their own systems.

Firstly before you start looking at surveillance equipment you need to take the following into consideration:

Size of compound: if the compound is not large then you will not need a lot of equipment and it will not to need to be as complex. Cost: surveillance equipment is not cheap. You will need to keep in mind your budget and set up the system according to it. Positioning: you need to have a rough idea of where you want the camera’s to be place. They should be strategic locations where the cameras have a long range view.

When you buy the cameras and the rest of the equipment, make sure you buy high quality products as replacing a whole system will be very expensive. Also follow the laws. Make sure you do not use them to invade other people’s privacy.

In conclusion, when installing surveillance equipment, know that there will be costs and make sure you follow the law and at the same time make sure the system is secure and it will not be use against you.