Surviving Poverty in the us

Poverty is depressing and can affect almost anyone. In the United States alone, around 37 million people are living in poverty, that’s more than 12% of the population according to the Centre for American Progress. The census is created by taking into account the number of people living within a household, together with inflation that affects those people.

Falling into poverty through lack of encouragement, lack of work and determination, often results in very poor lifestyles. Surviving poverty becomes are really big challenge, which becomes too much to bear for some people. To rise above poverty a lot of planning, identity resource and work is required. Most people can rise out if there is enough care and hard work, unless the individuals being questioned are disabled, mentally or physically incapable of anything.

There are numerous community resources aids that are designed to help people, that are experiencing difficulty.

Religious congregations
Civil sponsored job assistance.
Subsided housing, education, training and supplies.
Loans and government support, that can be used to reestablish oneself

The United States Government usually help the disadvantaged people, who cannot afford such basic things as food, medical care, rent, child support and education. However, due to money being spent, there will always be controversy and some bureaucracy. However there are extra programs being run, that are designed to help and bring people up to a certain living standard. They include:

Food stamps and rationing
Medical care
Social Work
Financial assistance
Money supplementation
Child care and education.

To get out of poverty requires, the development of a plan. The people in question, may want to open up a bank account, where a certain amount of money is deposited, in order to have some financial backing. Limit your entertainment and only spend money on necessities. Motivate to find new work and opportunities. It does not matter whether the (REASONABLE) job being offered is of dislike to the person. Its an opportunity and needs to be taken to start of somewhere. As with any experience, contact and new friendships created, knowledge will be acquired, that could be used to further ones career and income.

((A few tips on rising out of poverty))

You need to be organized whether you like it or not. You will need to be punctual at work and other places.
Believe in yourself and be determined to do the best you can to achieve a steady income and respect.
Be happy with what you have, to start of with.
After you establish yourself, always stay hungry for more and better things.
Develop strong will power and work ethics.
Always try to gain new knowledge and insight from other people and the material that’s available.
Try to avoid bad influences and mixing into the wrong crowd.