Tattoos in the Workplace

Have you ever had a job where you have been asked to cover up your tattoos? Have you ever wondered if this can be a form or discrimination, and if it is not considered discrimination, should it be? People get tattoos for a number of different reasons, and some people feel that they should have the right to show them off as they please. Some people might feel that having a tattoo showing is a form of speech or expression.  

There are laws that give people the right to have freedom of speech or freedom of expression, and people are asking more and more why being allowed to show off their tattoos in their places of employment is not covered under these laws.  

Some people get tattoos to honor the birth of a child, or honor the life of someone who may have passed away. This can also be said about a person’s pets as well. If a person had a pet for a very long time and it was more like a member of the family than just a pet, a person might get a tattoo to honor the pet’s life and keep the pet in their memory and in the memories of others around them for a long time to come.  Some people may have beliefs or customs from other countries and they get tattoos to show respect for their country or their customs. For example someone who may have Native American roots, might get tattoos of tribal art that only tribal people might recognize or understand. 

So the question really is whether or not an employer has the right to tell their employees to cover up their tattoos if they are not hurting anyone or anything. If they are not offensive, and are not promoting bad language or harmful behavior, should the employee have to cover up the tattoos or should they be allowed to express themselves the way that they want to?  If it can be proven that someone was not hired for a job because of their tattoos and the person was not willing to keep them covered up, or if a person gets fired because of this reason, should they be able to take the employer to court for discrimination or wrongful termination?  These are issues that are sadly being brought up more and more to the public, and something needs to be done to stop this.