Tax Credits for

Saving money by winterizing your home is easier than it ever has been before. First explore the option of government tax credits for funded programs. In some cases they will pay for the renovations in full, or in part, Canada has a program called the Home Renovation Tax Credit..  They will cover the costs in full based upon income, value of the property and if it will extend the life of the home. Explore your country’s policies as soon as you can.

A few suggested sites for you to explore are Database of State Incentives for Renewables and the U.S. Department of Energy .

Heating System winterization is providing basic care such as changing the furnace filter, vacuuming out ducts and getting an inspection by a furnace specialist. Install a digital thermostat that is programmable; reduce the temperature at night and when you are away from work. This will save money.

Installing new Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarms will reduce your insurance premiums as long as they meet government and regulation standards for your region. Changing all of your light bulbs to energy efficient ones will also save significantly over time.

Seal off air leaking areas with styrofoam and spray foam, such as fireplaces, basement cracks, outside vents for the winter. Seal off your air conditioner exterior access point (remove your air conditioner for each winter season). You also need to seal off unused rooms, and make sure the doors are closed.

Installing attic insulation with a high R value (double up if you have the space) will hold the heat in and keep the cold out. Do not pack insulation tight, this will lose barrier effect, keep it lightly snug. Insulating your basement with a high R value insulation will also help keep you as snug as a bug in a rug. Often in homes no insulation or vapour barrier was placed behind electrical outlets, covering the outlets with gaskets will save you money.

Place pipe foam wrap insulators on your water lines in the basement of your home. Shut off all outdoor water supplies and clean out gutters. If you have a hot tub, drain it completely and place a lid over the top of it. If you have a pool, drain the pool half way and cover it.

Using weather stripping and door sweeps on outside doorways and caulking around your windows will create savings in energy consumption. If you choose to install energy efficient windows and doors you will save.

Installing solar panels will enable you to use the energy, or sell it back to your energy company if it is install correctly. Solar panels are being used in homes across the globe and are saving people money. Be sure to discuss all of your upgrades to your home with your insurance company so they will be able to explore reducing your premiums.

Saving money and energy resources helps you and it helps your entire community.