Tax Savings on Gym Membership – No

Should gym memberships be tax deductible?

OMG you’ll be asking for sex deductible tax next but there’s a thought, as to how that one would work. LOL !

So New Year arrives and one decides that  it is really time to loose those extra pounds but that’s OK because we do this every year. What could make the difference though, is if we make the Government pay for us loosing those extra pounds. We could feel that it’s their fault for making us in need of the gym. After all, it’s them who run the country and we pay for that, so why not ! Claim it back !

The truth is,  how many people, given the chance of a free gym membership would in fact actually use it ! I doubt very much that the gym clubs would be over flowing. Hold on though, surely that’s because we now have the, ” Wii Fit,” Yes and that’s why we no longer need to pay all those over priced gym membership premiums because we can do it free of charge in our own home. Better still we can concentrate on burning calories instead of money on a fit gym instructor. So that could be the argument, We will buy you a Wii Fit !

So asking for tax deductible gym membership really is like asking for them to discount your sex life, after all, they do say that sex burns calories, so what better way to do so than in the comfort of your own home. I guess if an individual felt strongly enough that his/her gym membership should be tax deductible then perhaps it says that they are indeed over weight. If this is indeed the case, well… you can’t blame anyone for that. Perhaps cut down on the chocolate bars and use the money on the gym instead, thus not needing any tax deduction.

On the other hand, I guess you have those that don’t need to loose weight but just feel the need to keep fit. Well take a jog around the block, run up an down the stairs a few times an take up walking to work instead of polluting the air with your car fumes.

So, I guess the answer to the above, should gym membership be tax deductible is Hell No.It’s merely one avenue of free time pleasure and if one chooses that avenue then be expected to pay for your enjoyment like everyone else does when choosing their free time activity, don’t hear them shouting for a reduction. LOL.

Though I can think of many more important things to tax deduct other than keeping fit. Don’t think keeping fit down the gym helped win any wars, or did it !