Taxing the Internet Online – No

       The question being asked to us is if the Internet should be a place for taxes as well. The government has taxed just about all areas of our lives. Here is what is behind the thought process as to why it should not be taxed.  The communication realm was open up to the public. If the Internet was being taxed it might be a significant breakdown of chatter among society.  Email, messaging, and society pages would definitely see a break up in how people use there site. People would only get on the Internet to do what they need to do then get off the Internet. They would not stay on for socializing or shopping or even to make reservations for events they were attending.  There are a lot of businesses that make there income from being on the Internet. Some businesses that were “land-line” businesses have come to only survive with being on the Internet. Ebay is a perfect example as to how a business has thrived with just the Internet a lone. Others like it have been able to achieve lesser costs in running the business on the Internet.

       The next problem that you have is that as technology grows so does the Internet. Many people know how to hack through the system. A system that is out dated like that of a Windows 98 or even an XP now seem outdated.  Vista is the newest software out there for Windows but even then there is not that much difference between systems. Most computers are built the same and it’s easy for someone with just a little bit of knowledge to figure out how to beat the system. It’s hard to determine for just the average user where the IP address.  If you think that you can beat the system usually you can beat the system. Most hackers have previous experience in there related field and some have more experience than others.  Most if they have your first and last name and social security number and your phone number or address they can find a lot of information about you. That’s how come it would be almost pointless to try to tax the Internet. Someone can take and reroute the IP addresses to make it look like it didn’t come from them. This is the main reason why it should be to where it is not taxed.

         The final reason is that sales tax and state tax is already taxing the businesses that are performing the Internet usages for us. For example: businesses like ATT, Sprint, Knology, Bell South and Comcast  are phone companies that have Internet access and they already tax for usage on through there company. This would be kind of pointless and make it a double taxing.  If they were going to do the taxing they should have found a way to do the taxing with in the protocols that were first brought out for the Internet to go public. The World Wide Web runs all over the world. It allows for communication between countries and unless all countries of the world were united in taxing the Internet it just wouldn’t seem fair or noble. Also, another way to look at it is that if the IP address were to come from one country and go to another or if the person just got on the Internet for looking at one or two sites would they be taxed. It would kind of be impossible to figure out who tax and when to tax them and how long they should be taxed for.