Tazer Discipline – Yes

As I witness how people are acting nowadays, it’s hard to simply reason with stubborn citizens. I think there is nothing wrong with using tazers as a form of discipline. Let’s face it. If I were a police officer, I don’t see myself trying to take down a crazy maniac on steroids with my bare hands. And I can’t shoot the guy. That could possibly kill him, plus that will be a whole lot of paperwork. Not to mention the news will be going crazy over the incident. So instead of getting hurt or overdoing the discipline by doing severe damage and/or killing a person, why not keep the little bit of peace that they have left and use the tazer?

Sure it will hurt, but it will hurt just enough to get the point across. One can take down a perpetrator with ease. Things can go crazy fast. I’m talking about from a level yellow to a level red to a matter of seconds. I’ve seen many bar fights that started with simple confrontations that would’ve turned into possible gun fights and big riots. The usage of tazers is by far one of the quickest and easiest ways to end problems so that things can get back to normal.

Some may see it as violent and another form of police brutality. But in actuality, there are different weapons that could cause equal amount damage as a tazer. Can a night stick not hurt you? What about police dogs? Have you considered mace as a potential threat? Did you know that officers place bean bags into shot guns and shoot them at the chest of perpetrators? That weapon has the potential of breaking ribs or could cause severe lung damage. So any of these weapons are dangerous and could even be used abusively just like a tazer.

So all in all, tazers are the easiest weapon to deal with. When it comes to holding down a situation and keeping things from getting way out of hand, the tazer is a great solution to all of the problems that pertains to the form of discipline. It will also give one peace of mind knowing that the victim of the tazer is still alive. And it will make the victim think twice about doing what they did the first time.

No death, no rehab, and still dangerous. It’s a productive weapon.