Teach teens to bargain hunt when back-to-school shopping

It is the time of year when the kids are headed back-to-school. That means lots of expenses for parents around the globe. There are many items that you cannot avoid purchasing, but if you are willing to put in a little extra effort you can really snag some great bargains. Be sure to start looking early in the store flyers and if you do not get the newspaper, you can find them online.

Teens are the most difficult to purchase clothes for and also the most difficult to save money on. They have very specific ideas about what stores sell cool clothes and it is near to impossible to get them into a discount outlet. It may be time to have a serious discussion with your teens about finances and to let them know exactly the amount they have to spend for their new fall wardrobe. If they have a part-time job, then you may want to have them spend some of their money on the more expensive items. This is a great financial lesson for them.

Tips for implementing teenage shopping restrictions

Get out to the mall with your teen and visit all the stores where they usually like to shop. Take note of all the latest fashion trends. You don’t necessarily want to shop at the mall unless there are some sales on specific items going on.

The next stops includes discount stores such as K-Mart, Walmart and Target. You may have to go to one in a different town if your teen is a real stickler for name brands only. With the latest trends in mind, compare the prices with the mall stores. Use your smart phone to take pictures so that you can compare styes and prices.

Try to duplicate the looks from the upscale retailers at the discounts stores. It will be a lot easier than teens may expect. They will also be quite amazed at how much their the price is right, they may still be able to get a few items that won’t break the budget.

Look for resale store that stock only brand-name clothes. They do exist and you may be able to pick up a few pieces that are still stylish and have the desired name on them. Jeans are especially easy and inexpensive to find this way and with vintage being trendy, teens won’t feel as if they are compromising on style to save money.

Remove the tags from non-branded items. It is a lot easier for teens to get used to the clothes from a discount store if they aren’t looking at the tag all the time.

There are other big expenses beyond just the clothes. A backpack is important. This is one area that you want to be sure is both stylish and ergonomic. Teens especially are notorious for overloading their backpack and if it is not one that is easy on their back, they can end up with serious back and shoulder issues. Head to the outlets to look for your teen’s backpack and while you are there, you might want to check out the outlets for such additions as socks and underwear.

Going back-to-school when you have a teen or teens can be very expensive. It is up to you as their parent to make them aware of the expense and show them how to get the most for their money.