Teaching Kids about Money Management

Money management is a skill not taught well by our public school system. Doubt me? Entice your highschool aged child into a friendly game of monopoly…then half way through the game, just reach over, steal all his or her money, and walk away. How do I know you will be able to do this? Because their money will be sitting on the floor or table within your line-of-sight. They have not learned how to keep from being a victim of a clever pickpocket, so they know NOTHING about managing money.

Or try this…next time they ask you for money…say “Ok…will $200 be enough?” Then, when they reach for it, put it back in your pocket and do not give it to them…while looking at their eyes. If they get all disappointed…then you know they were “counting their chickens before they hatched” and know NOTHING about managing money.

So…how do you then teach your kid about money? You must do the two things above over and over again until you see that they have learned the lessons you are teaching them. Repetition is the only way to teach kids these days.

Or you could pay someone else to do it for you…but that would not be a good use of your money and your kids are learning from you so maybe that would defeat the purpose.

Here is a lesson you can teach them about money. Tell them that they will probably never get any from writing for this website since all good writers can make money the honest way…going directly to publications rather than working off this social networking site where the rules for making a pittance are not transparent. By the way…teach them responsibility by letting them know that you don’t mind…you KNOW the website won’t make you rich!

Here is another idea…pay a great writer to put an article in for you under their own name and watch how it gets rated really low. Funny and informative. Has this ever been done? Ha…probably more than we will know.

If you hav rad this far…you are starting to get the idea that I am not serious…ormaybey you know athat all along…like all the spelin errers and nonsensical ideas bt tus will still get raited in the middle thrid just to keep me koming back incase i ma a succker and wish to help the cklickrate ades on the cite.

Actually, I am just testing the system as you should too…but back to teaching your kids about money.

Teach them to recognize it…to count it…to save it…and how to spend less of it than they have. That is a good start. And teach them that it is not made of plastic.!