Techniques for Situational Crime Prevention

It is essential to do what you can to avoid being the victim of a crime. You will learn techniques for situational crime prevention.

You can thwart a thug or burglar by creating a sense of fear in him. The thing that you should do is walk with your head up and pay attention to your surroundings. The second is to put up a defensive stance and display confidence when you are confronted. The third is to install a noisy alarm on your house and car.

It is vital to limit a criminal’s opportunity to mug you, break into your home or steal your car. The first thing that you should do is keep all of your doors and windows at home locked. The second is to lock the doors and roll up the windows on your car. The third is to walk to your car or the front door of your home with your keys in your hand. The fourth is to stay out of alleys and areas that are not well-lit.

It is helpful to be observant and take precaution when you notice something is wrong. If it looks like your home has been broken into when you come home, you should not go in. Instead, you should walk out of your yard and call the police on your cell phone or ask your next-door neighbor to call the police and then wait for them to meet you where you are. If you hear someone breaking into your home while you are inside, you should look for a hiding place.

It is in your best interests to limit a criminal’s ability to surprise you. One thing that you can do is trim your hedges and bushes. Another is to leave out of your house at different times each day.

There is safety in numbers. If you have a co-worker whom you are close with, the two of you should try to park in the same proximity and walk to your cars together at work. If you and a few others run a store or library, all of you should park in the spaces that are designated for the staff and walk to your cars together after you close the building.

There are steps you can take to prevent being kidnapped. You must not get into a stranger’s car. You must also avoid being taken to a second location. If someone traps or tries to grab you, you must run or scream and fight back.

If you are physically attacked, there are steps you can take to avoid being seriously hurt or killed. You should try to strike your attacker in his throat, knees or shins. If he tries to strike you with something such as a bat or knife, you must duck, move to the side or jump back. If he tries to choke you with his hands or forearms, you should elbow him, clap his ears, shove your hand up his nose or spin your way out of his grasp. If he is on top of you, wrap your legs around his neck to pull him off you. It would also help you to learn jujitsu, a form of self-defense that involves making certain moves to break free when someone grabs you.

You have learned techniques for situational crime prevention. By following these steps, you will help preserve your safety.