Teenage Crime in Great Britain a Growing Problem

Being a young, streetwise kid myself, I like to think I know what I’m talking about when it comes to the youth of today. I see the youth of Britain becoming more aggressive, violent and destructive day by day. Just yesterday night I was walking home from a friends house, I was keeping myself to myself knowing that even the wrong look can land you in trouble. Then as I’m contemplating the long walk home and trying to clear my head, I hear a completely intoxicated with alcohol, foul-mouthed, Chavvy dressed, young girl shouting; “I need sex!” Now the fact that this girl felt the need to shout this makes me wonder, where’s our self-respect gone?

However, this was not what shocked me, what shocked me was it was nearly half past eleven in the evening and this young girl looked no older then 13 at the most, when I was her age I’d be lucky to stay out past 10! Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve not been an angel all my life, I didn’t go to the best school (in fact it was the worst in East Sussex.) And I did get into a lot of trouble in my younger years, but at least I had enough respect for myself, if not anyone else, not to shout “I need sex” at the top of my lungs.

The youth of today are bad and getting worse and the harsh reality of things, is that we made them that way. As I’ve just left school, I can say I learned a lot more playing truant then being in school, and these lessons I will carry throughout my life, whereas, in school whenever I tried to get back on track I found that I’d already been labeled as a lost cause. I’d walk into a lesson and get sent out immediately with teachers assuming I’d disrupt the lesson. We need our education system sorted out and fast! If you only have one chance to do well, there’s going to be millions of people jobless.

Why not highlight more the downsides to drugs, crime and alcohol? A lot of the people in my old school have gone down the “wrong” path, but please let me know which is the right one? I have been struggling to get a job and stay in education and so on and sometimes I just have to think what’s the point? I know some people that were in the same year as me at school, with worse grades and they are making more money then me. Selling drugs.

I have a wide variety of friends and acquaintances and I know of a thirteen year old addicted to Ketamin, which is supposed to be a horse tranquilizer. At only 13 this kid could have been anything he wanted, instead he spends his time getting high and smashing up practically anything he can get his hands on. When I’ve asked him why he isn’t at school he just replies, “Cos there’s no point.” And I’m inclined to agree with him sometimes.

It isn’t just schools though, at home kids are left to do what they want, parents nowadays just leave them to it. Being the eldest of 8 I know a lot about kids, enough to know that they need more stimulation then just sitting in front of a TV screen playing shoot-em-ups and other violent games, and with the technology nowadays it’s probably going to get worse. Parents need to spend more time with their children and teach them the rights and wrongs. So if our education system doesn’t work and our parenting skills are minimal, where is (once) Great Britain heading?