Teens and Car Insurance who should Pay – Teens

In regards to this subject there really is no right or wrong answer.

Truth be told it is the actions of the young driver that should determine the

responsibility of the insurance on a vehicle. There are those that show a great

deal of responsibility for their actions and decisions and then there are those

that feel that “everything” should be handed to them. Most of the time, it is the

actions of the parents that determine how a teen responds to responsibility.

Communication between teens and parents should be a priority in regards to driving

and the responsibility of insurance. If the young driver has demonstrated

appropriate responsibility in different areas of their lives such as: school, work,

and sound judgment then the parent or parents could “negotiate” a reasonable

solution as how much and when the teen could help with payments of the insurance on

any vehicle that they are allowed to drive. Of course, this works better when the

vehicle is not in their name. Again, if a parent purchases a vehicle for a teen and

chose to put only the teens name on the title then where did the responsibility turn

to? Communication has once again come to play.

If a teen feels that they should not have to pay for anything, then they also

should not be able to drive a vehicle because they have demonstrated no sense of

responsibility. If a teen wants to work and try to show responsibility then what

better way then to make them help with the vehicle. What also needs to be taken into

consideration is the laws that are implemented in the States of the United States.

In the State of Michigan it is the law to have every vehicle registered and to

have “no-fault” insurance. It does not state that you have to have your driving age

teen on your insurance but it would be wise. The question would be, does your teen

know the laws? Nine times out of ten they do not.

In conclusion, it is going to be up to the parent and the teen to determine who is

responsible and to what degree the responsibility is to be handed down.