Teens and Car Insurance who should Pay – Teens

Teenagers need to learn how to pay for the important things like car insurances. Parents can guide them in the right direction and help pay something towards these things. Do not buy them big expensive cars and pay the insurances for them. They need to learn how to handle a smaller powered one first.

They have to learn the value of things they need or want in life, before they take those things for granted and expect mum and dad to pay for everything. If kids bend the rules, they know Mum or Dad will find a way to lessen the burden. How can this help our teenagers earn or respect others when they have not learned how to respect themselves or their parents first? Parents can help by including the child on their insurances policies. A teenager in control of a car needs to accept all the responsibilities that go with it. Too many teenagers have not learned this lesson.

Our grandchildren learned from their parents how to be responsible kids. In primary school, they received pocket money. Half went into a dream-saver bank account, the other half they had to save and spend on things they wanted. If they wanted to buy presents for birthdays or Christmas, they had to save. Our daughter explained to them at an early age, how to shop around, and buy small presents, as it is the thought not the value of the gift that counts. They even made their own wrapping paper. Mind you, their mum bought other presents as well for the families.

When our grandchildren obtained jobs, they still had to bank half their wages and use the rest wisely. At seventeen, our grandson had saved enough to pay half the cost of his second hand car while his parents paid the other half. He does the same for the cars insurance. They each pay half, his other expenses he saves and pays them himself.

Our granddaughter is now working through the same process. She has her car and history is repeating itself. She has started her driving lessons, oh boy, but that is another story. These teenagers have learned the value of money from an early age, they have learned how to survive and respect their parents for teaching them how to do this. Yes, they make mistakes; I did not say they were angels. Is anyone perfect? Well, again that is another story.

These kids have both bought a Hyundai escort car, and have learned how to change a flat tire, check the oil, water, and battery. They are responsible for washing and polishing their own cars. They have both made up a monthly budget, this list includes all their expenses for petrol, licenses, insurance, personal hygiene expenses, in fact anything they may need, including miscellaneous expenses.

They do not own credit cards, although if they see something on special they can lay-by the article. They both start their Christmas shopping in the July sales. These kids are a credit to any family, and really enjoy outings on weekends with their family going to sporting activities and fishing together.

If all parents acted with this type of responsibility, the children would be better members of the community. They would have also learned the value of money and have enough to pay for their car insurances or at least contribute.