Thank God for Social Security – No

The majority of the answers on the debate of “Should Social Security Be Abolished” are “no”.  I was pleasantly surprised to see this answer on this issue.   I am a firm believer in continuing the Social Security Program. 

Social Security was established back in 1935 when families began to move around the country and no longer taking care of their elderly family members.  As the country grew and the life styles of people changed, it became clear that something needed to be done to help the elderly when they were no longer working.  Social Security Programs was established to feel in the gap to help support this growing need.  

All of us have good intentions of setting money aside for those lien years of retirement but with the hustle and bustle of life, day to day needs, growing families, etc. it is not always possible to find that extra dollar to set aside for the future.   Our intentions are good but the majority of us need each dollar to just make ends meet for the present. 

Social Security has been a life saver for many people; without it most people when they become retired and/or disabled would have no income at all.  In situations where spouse’s have unexpected deaths, many families would not have survived had it not been for the monthly survivor benefit paid to the families while they adjusted to this unexpected change in life. 

Social Security has become a need that this country can not afford to abolish.  There are just too many people that need the help that is offered from this program for it to be abolished.   Does the program need some improvements?  Yes, but to abolish the program, would create an atrocity for the millions depending on this income each month to survive. 

I have listened to people complain for years about having to pay Social Security Tax and stating how they could invest that money better elsewhere.  I have seen these same people Thank God later when they became disabled or lost a loved one and had this assistance during their changed circumstances.  No, it may not be enough to go on a monthly cruise but it sure helps to pay the rent and put food on the table.  

The foresight of those that were able to see the needs and changing world and come up with a program like Social Security had great vision to the future and we should all be thankful for that foresight.  We are in no less need of the program today than we were back in 1935; if anything, we are in a greater need.  Let us improve the program but never abolish Social Security.