The Advantages of Bi Weekly Paychecks get Paid twice a Month get Paid every two Weeks

All people anxiously wait to be paid and for most, payday cannot come early enough. While for some people getting paid once a week is ideal, for some others, getting paid every two weeks is actually more convenient. There are good reasons for it.

The advantages of bi-weekly paychecks

  Plan ahead

If you get paid twice a month, you are given the chance to plan ahead. You can make lists and schedule payments carefully, without running the risk of being late. That probably wouldn’t have happened if you were paid once a week, as you wouldn’t have enough time to create a schedule. Having two weeks ahead of you is enough time to think carefully of a solid plan as well as alternatives, in case something goes wrong. There is enough time to even ask for help , if necessary.

Resist impulse purchases

If you get paid every week, it is very easy to give in to impulse purchases and overspend. With plenty of money in your hands, you may feel free to spend all of it, as you don’t have much time to think things through. Knowing that you will get paid next week makes you even more carefree. With this tactic, it is very easy to miscalculate and forget about paying your bills on time. By the time you remember, it might be too late. On the contrary, if you get paid every two weeks, you have enough time to schedule your payments and your purchases. For example, you may decide to pay all your bills one week and purchase all the things you need the next week. That way, you won’t get confused and everything will go well.

Learn to appreciate money more

By getting paid once every two weeks,  you learn to appreciate money more, as you realise that you can easily be left with nothing for the next two weeks, if you don’t manage your finances well. Whether you like it or not, you are forced to show self-discipline and good organisational skills, so as not to  be broke for the second half of the month. That means that you learn to separate needs from desires, decline invitations that are going to cost you more than you can afford and look for discounts everywhere, so as to be able to save at least a few dollars.

If up to this point you  had objections to getting paid twice a month, hopefully that will no longer be the case.