The Benefits of AAA Membership

The essence of an Auto Club

The Auto Club of Southern California (AAA) offers incomparable benefits and services.  The Organization’s dedication and contribution to social, financial, political, and economic progress is unmatched by competitors.  AAA is an insurance industry leader.

According to customer surveys, “Roadside Assistance is the main reason people join AAA, and why they renew year after year.  Not just for major breakdowns, either.  Lock your keys in the car or get a flat and we’ll be there, day or night throughout the US and Canada.”  (

Experience is key to success

Involved in mapping America’s roadways as far back as 1892, the Automobile Club of Southern California, fondly referred to as the “Auto Club,” is an American Icon.  Under visionary leadership, the Auto Club has prospered assisting drivers.

“The Auto Club was founded on December 13, 1900, in Los Angeles as one of the nation’s first motor clubs dedicated to improving roads, proposing traffic laws, and improvement of overall driving conditions.”  (

The Auto Club progressively paves the way.  Charting roadways for decades, AAA has played a major role in Los Angeles’ transportation history and continues its contribution to insurance planning, political policies and procedures.    

History and establishment

 “The club began to participate in deliberations about transportation policy in 1909. Its activities have included independent provision of planning studies as well as commentary on public policies, programs and proposals.” (USC Digital Library)

With hind-sight from more than 100 years of transportation experience, the Auto Club gained worldwide notoriety as an American social and political institution.  The organization provides benefits and quality services second to none.

The Auto Club’s contributions to transportation, as well as its political participation, have made it a leader in the California insurance industry.  There are a number of excellent benefits associated with AAA membership. 

Comprehensive insurance benefits

The greatest benefit of AAA membership is the comprehensive insurance policies accompanied by competitive rates.  The Auto Club’s personalized services, flexible payment scheduling, and premium discounts are “financial lifesavers.”

The Auto Club not only insures automobiles but offers Life Insurance, Homeowners and Renter’s Insurance, Small Business Insurance, Personal Umbrella Insurance, and insurance for boats, water crafts and collector cars.

Auto, RV, motorcycle and watercraft services

The Auto Club is famous for its roadside assistance as they have assisted thousands of stranded, disabled vehicles on American roadways.  Roadside services and benefits include help with “dead” batteries as well as tire change assistance.

Additionally, the Auto Club directs its member to approved auto maintenance and repair centers.  “Since the AAR program began in 1975, more than 8,000 automotive repair facilities have been approved in the United States and Canada.” (Auto Club)

The promptness in assisting stranded drivers is above average with the benefit of 24-hour service and short waiting periods before a tow truck and a driver with a smile are there to help.

An outstanding Auto Club member benefit is its Car Buying Services program.  Members can leave the negotiating and pricing for both new and pre-owned vehicles to the expertise of AAA representatives.

Auto Club members can take advantage of an efficient vehicle inspection program, pre-planned financing, manufacturer rebates and extended warranties from a network of automobile dealerships affiliated with the Auto Club.

Travel services

The Auto Club provides exceptional travel services such as offering vacation money in foreign currencies, “TravelMoney” cards, credit cards, and attentive assistance booking cruises, tours, air travel, hotel reservations and car rentals.

“AAA Vacations were developed by AAA to ensure members have the best vacation experience, and to provide some of the world’s finest travel offerings to Europe, North America, Central and South America, Asia, India, Africa, and other exotic destinations.”  (

Additional auto club benefits

Additional Auto Club membership benefits include Identity Theft Monitoring with high-tech programs such as “Mobile and GPS Solutions.”  Exceptional help is available for Department of Motor Vehicle licensing and registration protocols.

Extensive driving improvement programs and traffic school are just a few added benefits of Auto Club membership.  Comprehensive driver education for both teens and seniors is available to Auto Club members.  Discounted fees may apply.

Auto club publications

Both members and non-members take advantage of Auto Club publications such as its popular eNewsletter or Westways Magazine and host of interesting automobile and travel publications, maps and guides.

Contact information

The auto provides 24-hour service, seven days a week, toll-free Claims Hotline that helps members with insurance claims and forms.  Visit the Auto Club’s website ( to locate an office near you.

The Auto Club’s excellent products and services are all-inclusive, catering to a large demographic of people, young and old alike, who take advantage of the many benefits, goods, and services offered from experience and expertise.