The Benefits of being an AAA Member

The AAA or “Triple A,” is a non-profit company made up of 51 independently operated clubs.  If you own a vehicle, AAA membership should be something you should consider applying for.  Headquartered in Florida, the organization supplies their members with levels of protection against the unforeseen headaches of flat tires, running out of gas, etc…  In fact, they not only cover issues regarding your vehicle, but they’re also known for their help with travel, finances, and insurance as well.


The most basic membership is currently priced at $48 annually, with the availability to get associate cards at about half price.  These are extra cards linked to your account to cover the other members of your family.  This may be something you want to consider if your children have recently starting to drive.  Inexperienced drivers are more likely to run into car issues and may need these types of benefits.  There are also two higher levels, Plus and Premier, which come out to be $88 and $125 respectively.  The Plus and Premier associate cards are about half off as well.

The most frequently used benefits are for vehicle towing, dead batteries, flat tires, extra gas, and being locked out of the car.  As a member, just call them up and they will send a tow truck or the proper personnel to assist you as needed.  There are some “fine print” issues that I would like to point out.  If you have a flat, they will use your spare to change it for you.  If you don’t have one, then they will still try and tow you to a shop or bring a spare for you, but you will be charged.  However, all you need to do is increase you level of membership to get more coverage.


As a member, you’re not limited to benefits regarding your car.  I mentioned earlier that they can help with your travel plans as well.  You can walk into any AAA travel office and receive free maps to help get you where you’re going.  Also, many rental car and hotel chains have partnered with AAA to extend members a discount.  Another benefit they offer travelers is the ability to purchase travel money like American Express Travelers Cheques, at no extra cost.


AAA works with Bank of America to supply credit cards with benefits designed for their members.  The one I own offers large cash back percentages when I use it to purchase gas.  They also offer student loan and savings programs.  When it comes to insurance, they have products to cover you home, car, as well as your pet.  You can get a free quote right on their website.

If you’re interested in having peace of mind while you drive with all their other added benefits and discounts, then you should explore your options in more detail with AAA.