The Benefits of Legalizing Prostitution

Just ask any man with an itch to scratch and no will power what the benefits are in legalizing prostitution. I don’t know of any overwhelming argument as to why it should be legal, but if you are one of those people that believe in what you do with your body is your own business, then that’s reason enough. Prostitution. We all know what it is, it’s selling your body, sex, and time for money. Should it be governments business what you use your body for? Of course, you should be able to if you are a competent adult. By law, I can get pregnant, have a baby and if I can’t care for that baby get help from the welfare. But I can’t go and make a living with my body as I see fit. I can get paid for being nude in a magazine, nude in a movie, or for that matter, have sex in a porno film and get paid. Is that prostitution?

We could bring religion into this article, but there are church going folks that would rather call Mary Magdalene a prostitute then have her be the wife of Jesus. For a bunch of religious people that look down on that sort of thing, they are pretty accepting of calling her a hooker.

It would be interesting if it became safer to be a legal prostitute because if it was regulated it might cut down on all the back alley hummers. Safer for her because it wouldn’t happen out on the streets and safer for him if its a set up to get robbed. There would a permanent place of business with sign ins and bodyguards and rules to follow.

You could always say that sexually transmitted diseases might get out of control, but if the occupation was legal, you might be able to get health care through your employer. If you had a pimp and he slapped you on the butt, could you sue for sexual harassment on the job? Just wondering.

If the government legalized prostitution, they could tax the income like any other job. They tax you when you smoke and drink, why not for having sex. And I know there are women married or unmarried women with a partner that would not appreciate the fact that now their spouse/partner could go and get sex legally from another women and pay for it. But if you’re already worried about your guy cheating on you, he doesn’t need a prostitute. He’s going to do it anyway for free if he hasn’t already. What I am trying to say is that I think it should be legal, if you can’t use your own body how you want, then what does belong to you if not yourself.