The Benefits of Legalizing Prostitution

The three oldest professions in human history are farming, politics and prostitution. Ever since, man came to understand the power of money; women quickly understood that they have something that men would pay for. Prostitution was always about earning money and it still is considered by poor women to be the way out of their miseries. Unfortunately, women who enter into prostitution thinking that they will get rich quick, end up in the hands of pimps and the mafia who take most of their money away.

By legalizing prostitution, at least the activity of prostitutes can be traced as they will willingly come forward for government aid against pimps and the mafia. Prostitutes suffer daily at the hands of pimps, getting abused for their bodies while the pimps reap rewards. Legalization will put an end to this as the women shall become their own boss and pay taxes to the government in return for its privilege and protection.

The patronage of the government will even reduce human trafficking cases in a country as prostitution can now no longer be done in the shadows. Those who wish to join must have registrations and also tax filings. This automatically makes the job of human traffickers and women peddlers harder. The abuse of young women by sex offenders shall decrease and men who simply wish to use prostitutes for their abusive nature shall find the jail an excellent place to stay in.

One final benefit of legalization of the world’s oldest profession is medical care. Prostitutes shall lead a better and healthier life as they stay free from venereal issues and AIDs. The presence of a doctor all the time in the premises will save lives. Moreover, without a complete test, a customer will not be able to engage in sexual favors from a prostitute who has got no health issues. Such character certification from qualified doctors shall serve to protect and safeguard the good health of the prostitutes. According to the WHO, prostitutes live at the highest danger from catching STDs and in particular AIDs as they get abused by customers on a regular basis.

An excellent example of what happens when a country legalizes prostitution and provides support to the profession is Holland. The country has laws that protect prostitutes allowing the business to flourish. There are no pimps operating this business in the country, red light districts manage to keep the prostitutes away from schools and college areas hence segregating the public from its effects, women have doctors around the red light district who can perform tests and checks immediately. Overall, the situation is much more congenial for the women as well as relaxing for the profession. Local folks do not mind and feel that this system is much better than banning the profession.