The benefits of renter’s insurance for college students

College students around the world need a place to live that is safe and secure, providing for his/her learning experience with the confidence that they will have that sanctuary to return to before, after, and between classes.  While that means a large percentage of students in dorms, there is still a good portion for whom dorm life is not a favorable option.  If a college student finds a rental home off-campus, the next order of business is to insure that property.  There are many forms of renter’s insurance available for the college student, but this article is not a comparison piece, but rather is a way to inform those students what benefits of renter’s insurance could provide for a nominal fee in the way of protections:  Neglect, Criminal Activities, and Weather.


There are many different types of people that provide housing for college students.  While most of these individuals will provide a modicum of assistance when unforeseen things happen to your home, there are many that prefer to stay away from maintenance and ignore the requests of the renter.  As these requests continue to be ignored, a disaster could be right behind the corner in the manner of faulty wiring that leads to fires, holes not patched up that leads to water damage, and other easily preventable situations.  Renter’s insurance will provide for the basic needs to compensate for damages in relation to neglect from the property-owner.

Criminal Activities

Another place that renter’s insurance would provide for the compensation of the renter when situations turn out poorly is in regards to criminal activities.  This can be anything from theft of goods to arson or vandalism.  Renter’s insurance will take care of recompensing the insured with a fair value for the items that are damaged, stolen, or ruined in comparison to the average cost of the items in question on the market.


Probably the one type of protection that most renters face that can be seen as a threat that insurance might safeguard against is in the way of the weather.  When a strong thunderstorm or even a tornado lands in the renter’s backyard, it could be moments before the roof is ripped off or a tree branch goes through the window.  When weather happens, renter’s insurance is a way to regain some measure of confidence in people.  The insurance will pay for damages to the home in relation to what the weather caused.


In conclusion, the activities of the varying weather patterns, malicious individuals, and neglectful property-owners can lead to damages to personal affects and even harm to the renter.  The uninsured individual will have many issues with paying for medical bills or damage reparation whereas the insured individual will be assisted at every turn by his/her insurance company.