The best Places to Find Free Coupons

With the increasing prices and uncertainty of income, many more people may start to use coupons to save money on items they purchase. Besides newspaper inserts and coupon clipping services there are also other ways to get free coupons. 

Check with family and friends who subscribe to the newspaper that don’t use their coupons. They may give you inserts they don’ plan on using.  Also, in some locations people get extra newspaper inserts at the recycling centers. Some stores will offer coupons in their sales circulars. If these coupons are being offered by the store, they can in most cases be used along with a manufacturer’s coupon on the same item. When using both coupons, it is called “ stacking” coupons. 

At the grocery store and other stores keep an eye out for free coupons. There may be coupons for items on promotional displays or on store shelves. Some stores and companies offer coupons that are printed out with your receipts for a future purchase because you purchase a certain item. Coupons for certain items may be generated if you purchase a competing brand product. Sometimes, other shoppers will leave coupons that they do not need to use on the store shelf by the product it is valid for to be used by someone who can use the product. 

In some cases, there may be coupons either on the packaging or inside the package. The coupons on the packages are meant to be used to purchase the item at the present time. Some people gather these coupons off of the packages without purchasing the item to be used at a later time. This practice is frowned upon, since the coupons are meant to be used at the time of the purchase.  

Some stores have a box or table  that serves as a coupon exchange. You can put in extra coupons you will not use and take ones that you will use.     

Some companies will send coupons for their products in the mail. Some will also send you coupons if you email or send them a letter about either enjoying their product or submitting a complaint. In some areas, there are coupon swaps where people meet and as the name suggests they swap coupons they don’t need with others for coupons that they will use. 

There are several websites that allow you to print coupons from the internet. By doing this you would need to figure the cost of paper and printer ink into what you are planning on saving by using the coupons.

Coupons are a great way to save money on some of the items you need, and there are some ways to get them for free.