The best Undiscovered Locations for Vacation Rental Property

There is an area of south-central Utah that plays against the famous Las Vegas saying and it goes like this: “What happens in Sevier County, you can tell your friends about.” Because rather than playing on the more prurient interests of the American vacationing public, Sevier County and its largest community, Richfield, try to attract people interested in taking advantage of some of the most magnificent scenery and outdoor recreational opportunities in the West.

Richfield, you might ask? Many know of Utah’s tourist destinations of Park City and Moab, but Richfield? In a way, Richfield is an ideal blend of both the skiing of northern Utah and the magnificent red rock desert surrounding Moab. For ski enthusiasts, there is Brian Head 110 miles north of Richfield and the prospect of an ultra-luxury resort at Elk Mountain, about 60 miles south. For red rock lovers, there are few areas more striking than the San Rafael Swell, located east of Richfield. For those inclined to hike, bike, four-wheel, snow mobile and cross country ski, there are two awe inspiring national forests within easy driving of this central Utah community: Fish Lake and Dixie. Some consider Fish Lake, at nearly 9,000 feet elevation, to be one of the gems of the Utah’s recreational wonders. Many of the handfuls of national Parks in Utah are within easy driving distance, including Capitol Reef, only 90 miles away.

Slowly but surely, Richfield is becoming a destination resort for people who seek a less traveled but still remarkable outdoor recreation destination. But housing prices have not kept up with the community’s popularity. A condominium can still be purchased for under $130,000. And the most expensive home for sale in this relatively quiet, family-oriented Mormon community is a 5-bedroom, 3 bath home for about $450,000. There are bed and breakfasts currently thriving in the nearby town of Torrey, Utah, about 60 miles closer to the International attractions of Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Capitol Reef National Parks. But so far, no enterprising individuals have capitalized on the opportunity presented by Richfield.

This growing community is ripe with vacation rental opportunities. The local political interests have made tourism and recreation a high priority and the attractions in this once isolated area are fantastic. In a world where the more popular vacation destinations are being overrun with tourists seeking to drink themselves into a relaxed state, Richfield offers the chance for people to connect with not only their families, but with an ever-narrowing slice of unspoiled wilderness and all of the activities it offers.