The best Undiscovered Locations for Vacation Rental Property

Vacation places I’ve found, have the best vacation renatls as well. Las Vegas is well known as a vacation spot, but the undiscovered rental property is Campaige place, the Tom Hom group owns it and they have three properties. It’s temporary housing, just right for a snowbird, because it’s not some lease, it’s an agreement. The features of this spot are a computer center, fully furnished with basic cable. No one thinks an apartment/hotel can be a vacation spot, but I tell you, it can and it is. It’s also ideal because if you decided to live there permanently, you can just keep paying the monthly or weekly rent. The other two properties are in Memphis and Phoenix, Az. The property has a mini mart, and a place to do laundry, plus an exercise room. Why pass up this gleaming place. For the people that live there all year, they can tell you the do’s and don’ts of renting there. This mini mart is open 24/7. All you need is a job, and good credit. Even if you don’t have good credit, you can still rent the room, but you may pay a slightly higher deposit.

Another undiscovered property I know of is the Grand Rapids Inn, in Grand Rapids, MI. The monthy fee there is $475 per month. Again, it’s ideal place for snowbirds. It snows there, so you may want to stay there all summer, untill October. Some of the rooms have jacuzzi’s and kitchens. Cable tv, and the lobby have a microwave oven and free coffee. It’s cheaper to rent vacation property than it is to own it. The Grand Rapids Inn is located by the highway leading to malls, and other cities like Grandville. Unlike the Campaige place, this Inn doesn’t care about your credit score.

The last property I know of for a good vacation is the Eastbank Towers, also in Grand Rapids, and they too have temporary housing units as well as permanent ones. This huge tower is sitting downtown, and you can even see the Gerald R Ford museum from there if your on the right side of the place. Oh my gosh, it has a knock-out view of the grand river! In the summer, you can see all and I mean all the fireworks there if again you’re on the right side
of the building. The other side of the building has a great view of the city and the street below. You have to be rich to live there though. Business owners and doctors and other high class folks live there. It’s like the urban version of East Grand Rapids. To live there is a reward for years of hard work and saving your money. East Bank towers is close to all the goings on downtown. Some of the attractions are: The Bob (a night club), Van Andel arena, DeVos hall, the summer arts festival in June, The soul of the city festival and the museum. The traveler must consider costs and availability before going on to a vacation home. It may not be cheap or easy, but it sure us a humdinger of a fun adventure.