The best Undiscovered Locations for Vacation Rental Property

Vacation, just the word alone conjures up images of relaxation, puffy white clouds with a blue background in the sky and thoughts of happiness. It is the next best thing to Christmas. Vacation spots can range from a busy place with a thousand things to do to a secluded area where your thoughts and a good book are the only items on that daily agenda. Finding a vacation spot for yourself or family can be a task in itself. Vacations with our family usually include the whole gang, my husband and I and our kids, the in-laws plus his sisters family. So when we look it usually is based on price, location and family friendly atmospheres.

A few years ago we began our search for a beach house in South Carolina where the family could go to bond again, have some quiet time along with swimming in the ocean. As with most searches these days we began with Mr. We started by typing in the state where we thought to go and it brought up a ton of options. This is the part where spending some time comparing the locations isn’t a bad idea. Many of the cities websites will tell you the amenities and activities they have available. It’s also a good idea to decide on what kind of vacation you want so you can make the best out of your trip.

While we were searching we came across a location that is a rising star in vacation rentals, it has opportunities for excitement but still quiet enough for some “Me” time on the beach. The place we found is called Harbor Island, South Carolina. It is within a half hour of Beaufort, SC which is a historical town filled with many small shops, a museum that is located inside an arsenal and the most wonderful architecture. Just walking down the street is like taking a trip back in time. Harbor Island itself is located off US 21.

When you come off the island you can go down the street to Hunting Island State Park. This is a wonderful state park with more ocean beaches, piers and wildlife learning centers. It makes a great place for a picnic lunch and don’t forget to visit the lighthouse on your way out. It is newly renovated.

Some of the items that makes Harbor Island a wonderful and upcoming star in vacation rentals is its spaciousness. It has a two mile beach that is just as peaceful in the morning for a walk as it is in the afternoon. When you rent a beach house or condo on the island they include tennis courts, pools, basketball courts and golf cart rentals. There is also a small country store at the entrance to the island that you can go to purchase ice creams cones to eat on a warm summers night.

Affordability is another attractive option for Harbor Island, SC. The beach house and condo rates are affordable for the average family. Many of the condo owners will work with families to pay through pay pal over two months so it can fit into a family budget. The beach homes and condos are decorated beautiful and match the scenery outside the windows and doors. Typically they come fully stocked just waiting on a family to bring in the groceries and the beach towels.

For more information on Harbor Island, South Carolina you can go to and for rentals you can check out Good luck on planning your next vacation to one of the rising stars in vacation rentals!