The Case against Methamphetamine Producers in the us

I live in Franklin County, Missouri, considered the Methamphetamine capital of the United States. The increasing addiction levels across the nation are the direct result of the simple fact that it’s cheap to make meth and those who cook the stuff don’t have to be chemistry majors. The problem is so severe in our county that federal officials have a special task force here to help local authorities deal with the problem.

A rural county with abandoned farm houses and outbuildings, coupled with plenty of “off the beaten track” isolated areas, meth makers have little worry of having the stench that comes from cooking the stuff give away their location.  Many of them use a single location once, break down their shanty labs, and move elsewhere to cook up their next batch.

Authorities here are to be commended for their dedication to cleaning up Franklin County. Washington, Missouri, the largest town in Franklin County, as well as Union, Missouri, the county seat, have both passed laws prohibiting the over-the-counter sale of certain cold and allergy remedies (such as Sudafed) that contain an essential ingredient in illegal meth making illegal without a physician’s prescription.

Although some local residents have been inconvenienced by these laws, they are committed to eliminating meth labs in our county and support these laws.   

The ACLU has threatened to sue Washington, Missouri stating they (the ACLU) believe civil rights are being violated by requiring prescriptions for over-the-counter remedies containing the essential ingredient in meth production.  The communities here in Franklin County are not caving in to these threats and currently, the town of Owensville, Missouri is considering passage of the same law. 

As a resident of Franklin County, I am proud of our local officials and police forces who are not afraid to go the extra mile to keep our children safe. The towns, villages and rural areas of our county are some of the most beautiful in Missouri and the majority of our citizens are dedicated to eradicating illegal meth production here. 

Franklin County is a thriving, growing area in the heart of Missouri’s Wine Country and will be even more so as we eliminate the illegal meth labs. So, if you think our county is a great place to make your meth, think again. Our men and women in law enforcement, local municipal governments, farmers, hunters, hikers, fishermen and women, and nature lovers are searching for your labs. 

We’re watching and you’ll get caught and rest assured, you won’t find sympathetic juries in Franklin County. Many of us are hoping that with the success of our efforts, other county and city governments across the United States will join us.