The Case against Parental Notification for Underage Abortion

The problem here is our government has taken the job of parenting from the parents. At what point does a judge or elected official know what is better for a child than the parent. Perhaps I am old fashioned, but I can remember when “permission” was needed for a school fieldtrip. Now we have these liberal ideas that cancel out what the parent should or, should not know concerning their child.

The only reason that this is even an issue here is because the abortion business is big money.
Forget the old adage ” If you pay you play” forget that lives will be destroyed, forget the fact it may scar the teenager for life. According to our judicial system a parent is responsible for a minor until they reach the age of 18 in some states it is now 17. Parents can be locked up for allowing their teenager to get drunk, but they don’t have the right to be inform that their child is having a medical procedure.

What gives government or business to decide a parents rights concerning their child, as long as they are not harming the child in any way. Because it will put a few more dollars in the abortion business they will spend literally millions to get this act made into law. The Freedom of Choice act is nothing more than a cleverly constructed word game to disguise abortion. If it is passed it will wipe out over 500 pro-life advancements. If passed then gov. at any level would be prohibited from interfering with a woman’s or teenage girl choice to have an abortion. It would also provide for teenagers to get a “Pass” from a judge to have an abortion without the parents consent.

Planned Parenthood is big business who will only use the Freedom of Choice Act to further their cause financial gain. As a parent of a daughter who had an abortion without my consent or knowledge I know the pain and shock a parent feels when they finally find out. I know what it is like to wonder what your grandchild would have looked like,what their personality would have been like, what potential could they have lived up to in life. I can tell you that is the kind of thing you do not get over in a day.

If we keep allowing liberals to take away our God given rights as a parent then we will come to the point where the children in our homes will make their own decisions no matter what age they are. The argument of doctor-patient confidentiality does not hold up when it comes to our children. We can never accept this, we must fight it until there is no strength left in us. For this is just one battle in a big war.

There should not even be a case for such a thing as keeping a parent in the dark when it comes to their child. To allow such a thing would be no more than parents selling their kids out to big business.

Where does it stop? When will we wake up and stop this gross misjudgment being perpetrated upon the institution of the American family?

If we don’t stand up and speak out now, then waiting could cost us everything.