The Conflict between Private Religious Beliefs and Compelling State Interests in the Medical Care of

People have flocked to the United States of America from around the world. One of the many reasons for that happens is the desire for religious freedom. They are looking for the ability to practice their religion in the manner that they see fit. They are not looking to the government to tell them how practice or which god to pray to because sometimes that is what they are running from. 

So we then have the government telling the parents of children that they must get healthcare for their child regardless of their religious beliefs. Should the parent refuse then the court will simply move to relieve the parents of custody of the ill child. The parents then begin to wonder why the government professes religious tolerance on the one hand while legally removing children from their custody if their religion precludes medical intervention on the other.

If the government is going to do this then why would they allow people to live under the pretense of religious freedom?  Perhaps they should change the idea of religious freedom to something that says “Religious freedoms as long as we agree with what you’re doing”.  

When people around the world see that kind of activity from the government of the United States and they look at their own government and are right to wonder what the difference is between the 2. Why then should they consider coming to the USA for this kind of freedom when it doesn’t truly exist?

Certainly an argument be made on the side of the government. They can claim that the child is far too young to be able to make a decision about their own health and well-being so the state must step in on their behalf. They would have you believe that someone responsible is needed to ensure the child gets the medical care that doctors have advised as being necessary.

When parents are responsible for every other aspect of a child’s life then why should the government feel the necessity to put their big throat on the family over religion and the decisions that the parents make with regard to their religion? All other aspects of the family’s religious affairs are left to the family except for perhaps the biggest of all.

The government must begin to respect the fundamental religious rights of the family. Perhaps allowing your child to stay clear of a doctor and hospital is not a decision you would make for your child but their religion calls on them do to what it believes is right. How can anyone in America, the land with the great claims of freedom of religion, deny a family to do what they think is best based on their religion?