The Consequences of Changing your name by Deed Poll

A Deed Poll is a legal document, which will legally bind you to a particular course of action. The commonest use of a deed poll is to change ones name and therefore it is also known as a ‘Change of Name Deed’. While the Deed Poll is the most popular method of officially changing a person’s name, there are instances where official name changes can take place without having to create a Deed Poll. In any event, changing a name using a Deed Poll is something that you need to think very carefully as the consequences of such changes would be long lasting and would be difficult to reverse.

Once undertaken, a Deed Poll will commit you to renounce and abandon the use of your former names while you are also committed to use your new name at all times. At the same time, it requires that others address you only by your new name. Therefore, it is essential that a name change that has taken place through a Deed Poll be communicated to the relevant authorities and all the identification documents changed accordingly.

You should remember that the Deed Poll would be sufficient to change the name that appears in your driver’s license, bank account as well as in your passport. However, it cannot be used and will not alter the name that is shown on your birth certificate or your marriage certificate. However, a birth certificate along with the Deed Poll should be sufficient for the authorities to issue a new passport for you using your new name.

With regard to the changes that you can effect to your name by using a Deed Poll, the options are endless. However, you should be clear about certain minimum criteria that you should meet when a name change is performed. You can obtain this information at the time of creating the Deed Poll from your local authority or from the lawyer creating such Deed Poll.

From a practical point of view, name changes through Deed Polls can affect many of your day-to-day activities. You may have to request new documents or certifications from your college or from your university using your new name. You may also have to notify organizations where you have been a member that you will no longer be using your old name. More importantly, you may have to inform all your friends and business clients that you will be using a new name and request them to update their contact information using your new name. In general, it will take at least several months to years for a name change to actually take effect in the practical world.

Lastly, you should realize that, depending on your citizenship, there may be slight alterations in the process of name changing and it is best for you to obtain information pertaining to your situation, through an appropriate government representative. In the event the process is complicated and time consuming, it is advisable for you to seek professional help in completing the same.