The Disruptions in the Markets – No

The best health indicator of a business comes from the value it places on its employees.  When the stock market is based on the functioning of a business and its stable investments one might think that the said statement is being addressed.  It is not.  So what is stability?  Is software and mechanics the most stable investment a business can depend on?  I do not think the stock market has addressed these points of views or questions.  Human probability to make mistakes versus technological precision causes the disruptions in the markets.  There is no valuable way of  predicting when either will show a lead or gain on the other.

The stock on the market that is being traded is human employment.  Men and women are treated the same as live stock on the farm.  When do you put the cow down or treat its condition?  When will the computer system go down and how long will it be up and running?  And should a person or department be replaced with today’s technological innovation?  These questions are that affect the market daily.  At the same time the employment rate continues to be affected negatively.  The market rises and falls like a roller coaster because there is no right or wrong answer just a let’s wait and see.  Jobs are on the line and the stock or people either win or lose because someone’s guess or roll of the dice might be the new expert.  The magic eight ball versus the human mind and effort.  Then again, is today’s expert so much different than last decade’s expert? No, people make mistakes; that is how we find the answers to problems and ways to avoid harmful situations.  Each individual has a different perspective and that value cannot be replaced or graded.  Computers only understand what we create them to understand so the technology of today will be upgraded next month. 

However you look at it, a good indicator of the health of business is its amount of employees and the rate of turnover.  New employees bring fresh new ideas.  Older employees give stability and experience.  The longer one remains in the same field the greater longevity the company or business will have.  There is no mistake in this view.  People will get sick and have reasons for missing work, but they take their job concerns with them everywhere they go.  When you shut the system down, the computer evaluates nothing it lies dormant until it is turned back on.  People never turn off they wake up with new ideas.  Something technology cannot be programmed to do.  The human power never goes off until death.