The Fallacy of Crime Statistics and Sexual Assault Reports

I don’t know what police officers are taught about sexual assault and sex crimes, but the social opinion of the crime is totally different from the so-called criminal justice and fair way. Why is it that when a girl/woman gets raped, the criminal justice system always finds fault to blame the woman? After a certain period of time of receiving psychological help and crisis counseling, the police officer/deputy/sergeant so-and-so still convinces the traumatized victim that it was her fault that she was raped. What the victim was wearing, the location of the crime, what was said before and after…unless they’re grabbing the DNA of the perverted misogynistic animal, why ask about the outfit? Law enforcement has failed in protecting sexual abuse and assault victims. They may enforce the law, but whom, exactly, are they protecting and serving? The head of any police department is usually run by a male, like the government and they structure the ‘proper term and characteristics’ as to how sexual assault and crime is defined. These assumed facts are myths. For example, females aren’t always raped by strangers whom they’ve never met. There is a thing called marital rape, date rape, acquaintance rape, incest, sexual abuse among significant others, but law enforcement agencies avoid that, don’t they? So no matter what is going on, the fault is still being blamed on the woman after years of denigration, disrespect, and mistreatment from our male counterparts! How would anyone of who are reading this article, be able to explain that to a little girl…or little boy that becomes a victim of child sexual abuse? Will those who are supposed to protect and serve put blame on the traumatized child?