The Harms of Drugs Versus the Harms of the War on Drugs

Big Business

Since the creation of our nation the United States of America has been ran like a
business and not like a nation. There are many similarities of any business, big or small, to how are nation is run. First off, you have the President who serves as the Boss. Then you have his Cabinet which consists of his management team. The military are the security for the business and the police are the undercover shoppers that monitor the business unknowingly by the customers. The general population serves as the customers of this business.
Upon the birth of this nation, the product that the government was to sell is freedom. They advertised this product luring many foreign customers to come to this country and support this business. Enticed by freedom many of our ancestors left their home countries in hope of a new life only to pay taxes for the rest of their lives. Even til this present day our government continues to market freedom but not to foreigners but to our own people. They pull the “Freedom Card” whenever a conflict arrives overseas. Usually, whenever this card is pulled it is only to benefit the rich man, also known as the Upper Class.
Now I will get to the point that I am trying to make. There is no war on drugs! The United States Government isn’t fighting the illegal drug trade they are merely regulating it. We live in a nation that is a super power of the world. So you mean to tell me that our government cannot control this illegal drug trade. Why would they want to when they make millions of dollars off of it indirectly. Let’s say for instance, Drug dealer A runs a huge drug operation for many years. Drug dealer A is now a millionaire. Then all of a sudden that drug dealer gets busted and sent to jail. All of his assets and drug money seized by “who” the Federal Government. Where does this money go? And all of this following a “two year” investigation. Why does it take so long to arrest these dealers? I use to ask myself this question all of the time. My theory is that during that two year investigation they were only getting information on higher ranking dealers only to do the same thing to them. Think of all of the people who have corrupted and harmed their well being with these drugs during that two year investigation. It’s like there is no care there for these people just so that certain people make that almighty dollar. That is a whole other topic of population control that I would rather not get into at this time.
The manipulation of the vulnerable citizens of this country has been going on since day one and it doesn’t or didn’t only happen in this day and age. If only the people of this country were treated like people and not like a government meal ticket, would it be a better place?