The Harms of Drugs Versus the Harms of the War on Drugs

Since 2002 we have been fighting a war against terrorists who seek to destroy all that we believe in. At the same time we seem to be doing nothing about the dope grown in Afghanistan and other places on Earth. Drug terrorists have killed more people within our Country than any other kind of terrorists that I can think of and yet the flow of deadly and illegal drugs continues to come into our Country.

I recently saw a news item that showed opium crops growing in Afghanistan but not one of our soldiers was to be seen among the thousands of acres of that poison growing within that Country. If it was all burned, no doubt, everyone within that Country would be high for a week.

It was said that those farmers can sell that poison for about $100.00 per pound and those poor farmers would starve to death if they couldn’t sell that opium. The U.N. can feed them and for all I care, they can roast in Hell with the poison they’re growing. You see, that opium will kill more people than it will help to ease the pain of people who are dying from another illness.

Believe it or not, there are other pain killers that work a whole lot better than opium. Before too long every person within our Country will need some of it in order to forget all of the other serious issues that our elected politicians have simply ignored for too long.

President Nixon waged a shooting war against Drug Terrorists from South America. The amount of those deadly, addictive and illegal drugs that came into our Country did decrease for a short time. That is up until he had to resign his office as our elected President of the United States of America. Apparently the deaths and the additional people who became addicted to those drugs wasn’t a number one priority for the members of the Republican Party at that time. You see, President Ford simply gave up that war and it was soon business as usual for the dope growers and dope sellers of the World.

From my point of view to “Just Say no” isn’t going to stop a young person from increasing its life experiences and they are not wise enough to take the advice of and’or obey the wishes of their parents. “We People of the United States of America” need to stop all forms of and/or tpyes of deadly and/or harmful items that do enter our Country on a daily basis.

“Political Corruption,” is the cause for all of those problems and, “We People,” need a new batch of Politicians who can do what’s right for the majority within our once great Nation. Otherwise, we might as well all get high and simply wait to die.