The Harvey Nichols Mastercard

Harvey Nichols is one of the places to shop in the U.K. whether in the flagship London store or in the newer regional stores which have more recently opened. In 1996 the launch of Harvey Nichols in Leeds put the city on the map as a fashion centre, and today fans of the store can shop internationally or online.

The Harvey Nichols Mastercard is described as “the fashionistas favourite accessory” and does carry a range of benefits which the discerning shopper will appreciate and mark the card as different to the usual store cards on offer. Regular Harvey Nichols fans receive priority personal shopping and fashion consultations if they hold the stores credit card, as well as invitations to exclusive in store events.

Cardholders also benefit from additional 10% discounts for the first four days of the sales and at the summer and Christmas shopping parties, providing an excellent incentive for regular shoppers. The card can also be flashed to receive complimentary cuff and hem alternations in some stores.

As the Harvey Nichols card is a Mastercard it can be used anywhere where the famous logo is accepted, and is not restricted to use in Harvey Nichols. It offers a rewards point scheme which gives 1 point for every £1 spent in Harvey Nichols and one point for every £2 spent elsewhere. On a quarterly basis points are automatically converted into Harvey Nichols vouchers which are then valid for six months.

The card itself is issued by Santander has a variable APR which is determined by ones credit score, and can range from 13.9% to 29.9%, with the most typical APR being 18.9%. There is no 0% introductory purchase offer but balance transfers are available for 0% APR for six months for a fee of 2.99%. The card offers a 56 day grace period and has a minimum credit limit of £500.

Overseas transactions are charged at 2.75%, late payments are a typical £12, and trace fees £25 for those who skip without providing a forwarding address. There is a £3 fee for paper copy statements and a rather unusual charge of up to £12 if you carry a balance statement for three consecutive months.

This is a charge to be wary off if you don’t regularly clear your balance in full. Statement dates are not subject to alteration. Card holders may have an additional three named card holders on their accounts.

The Harvey Nichols Mastercard will definitely appeal to regular shoppers who value the exclusive benefits which the card offers. It is easy to see why it would indeed be the fashionistas favourite accessory.

Source: SantandercardsUK