The History of Americas Failed Efforts to Prohibit Marijuana use

Let’s ask a pothead what he has to say…

In the eyes of the (in-)Justice System, I’m a vile dope fiend, a terrorist loving traitor with no regard for this great nation’s laws, which are only meant to protect me from myself. My egregious disregard for those laws written and passed to ensure my freedoms is inexcusable, for surely the likes of me are the scum of the earth- insidious demons who, like the terrorists themselves, seek to undermine the very social fabric of western civilization. Clearly those who smoke pot would love nothing more then to see the whole of mankind thrust into the bowels of dark chaos- shackled to oppression and despair!
It seems strange that State and Federal governments expend billions of dollars fighting me- the arm chair procrastinator- public enemy #1 in the War on Drugs! Expand the armies of police, furnish them with bullet proof vests and automatic assault weapons, because there is no way of telling just what a stoned guy in a Lazy Boy is capable of!
And what about the children? We need mass re-education programs in place for school children, warning them of the tremendous physical and psychological damage that occurs by using marijuana:
“Just look here kids, at the damage that it does to your…
…your lungs! Yes! Smoking one joint is the equivalent of smoking five cigarettes! And did you know that the marijuana today has ten times the potency that it did in your parents day? What it will do to your social life and ambition is something you dare not dream of, for smoking pot will most assuredly doom you to a life of isolation and poverty!”
How horrible! Surely we must eradicate this menace!
Sorry. It’s just that we offspring of the Baby Boomers never learned to fear this plant, and that’s because those hippie parents of ours had a far more sober view on smoking pot then any government funded educational program did. Our parents were much more concerned with drinking & driving, gangs, AIDS, unwanted pregnancies, and everything else that goes on in the average American high school, so marijuana just didn’t make the list of things for your mother to panic about.
What I want to know is how can it be that in a nation supposedly governed by the people/for the people, do we let the growing police state destroy tens of thousands of lives annually over a plant? What pot will do to a person is absolutely nothing compared to what the Federal government will do to you if you are caught with that plant!
The stories are a dime a dozen- dad gets busted with pot, is carted off to prison for ten years leaving his family to languish in poverty. Which has effected the more harm here, the plant or the government? Promising med student gets busted with pot, is expelled from college, does prison time, lives the rest of his days with the stigma of that federal crime on his records. His life is ruined along with all of those he may have ended up helping as a result of achieving a medical degree. Which has effected the more harm here, the plant or the government? I can only reach the conclusion that it is not the plant that is the problem, but those who pass laws banning nature, the cops who arrest people for it, and the judges who sentence them prison for it- they are the real drug problem in this country.
I never committed a violent crime against another human being in my life, and for all intents and purposes a productive member of society. Yet even now massive armies of police are being raised to hunt me down, and lock me away!
I work, not only to pay my bills, feed my family, indulge in recreational activities, and buy marijuana, but also to provide my government with the tax money it needs to wage it’s war against me! Ironic to think that I’m supporting the fight against myself. Even more so to think that if all the people who smoke pot in this country didn’t work and pay taxes, the Federal storm troopers wouldn’t have the resources to go after them. We’d all be forced to live in a society where personal liberty is expanded, rather then the police state, and we simply cannot have that.