The Kicker in Real Estate

What do you think of when you hear the term “kicker.” Most people would say FOOTBALL. However, in the real estate world, the term “kicker” has a whole new meaning. The “kicker” is what most of us would deem a tire kicker. The “kicker” is a potential client that is gonna waste your time, run you ragged, and waste your gas-only to buy or sell nothing. Hence, you lose time and money for the “kicker.” It doesn’t take you long to tell a “kicker” from the serious. You eventually learn not to waste your time and money for nothing.

Being in the real estate market, I have had my fair share of “kickers.” I will share one interesting personal experience with a “kicker” that I had. I will not use names. Several years ago(early in my real estate career) an elderly gentlemen called into my home office. I was the agent taking calls at that time, so I spoke to him. He expressed a serious, urgent interest in purchasing a property. He swore that he had already secured a loan pre-approval(he left it at home). He said he had a home to sell, but had secured a loan without needing to sell it. Anyway, I wasn’t able to verify the loan, but he had a credible military history. I was a little naive and chose to believe him. Being early in my career I failed to realize that not all clients tell the “whole” truth.

I showed this gentleman multiple properties week after week. Every time I found something perfect for him, he would decide on a different area. He somehow found my home phone number. He began calling me at home after hours (wanting to talk not specifically about real estate). To begin with, I didn’t think much about it. After about two months, I decided it was enough. I told him I had invested a lot of time showing him many properties. I asked him what the problem was. He miraculously decided he wasn’t really serious, had no loan approval, and also had a house to sell. Go figure!

I realized this older gentleman really had nothing else to do. However, I did. I learned early on in my career about the “kicker.” These are the ones you don’t want to waste your time, money, and energy on. Chalk that one up to a badly needed lesson learned.