The Legal Battle over Marijuana use

As a “non smoker” of marijuana, my input can be considered balanced as I tend to be suspicious as to the reasons why it isn’t legalized, or for the reasons why many want it legalized.
If it were legal, what would happen to the pharmaceutical companies? They would go into a tail spin because from what research I’ve done, everything indicates its a drug of miracles for many physical problems with virtually no side effects. Can it be said of over the counter and prescription drugs? Hardly.
No, the pharmaceutical companies have to much clout and would never sit by and watch billions of dollars slip by.
All the negativity towards the drug is mostly fabrication. Its not addictive physically, but is so to a point psychologically in that if you think about it, then you do it. Just like sex. You can say no and there are no side effects. The body won’t fall apart by denying either.
We all know the benefits for sick patients. We also know its the least harmful of all drugs including cigarettes and alcohol.
So what can be gained aside from medical use? Well, take for instance the money saved by not having to enforce the laws against its use. The courts filled with law abiding citizens who just want a tote or two would be free to deal with hard cases etc.
How about the government selling the hemp in State stores? Then enforcing the same kind of restrictions as they do with alcohol.
Jails would be a lot less crowded without otherwise innocent people being incarcerated for its use.
Now with all the billions saved by not having to enforce the law if it were legal, and all the billions in sales and taxes through state store sales, and all the money saved in the court systems, we could better use that money to fight hard drugs, and build more correctional facilities as well as rehab centers.
The side effects of the drug they would like you to know about are there, but, its only while under the influence.
A person can run out of the substance and not go through withdrawal like with alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs including the legal stuff.
So until the government sees the light as to how much it can benefit by legalizing the drug, and stop being pressured by the giant pharmaceuticals to keep it illegal, there will be no change in the present laws.
Everyone knows all the pros and the inflated cons about the drug, but until the mass majority of those who want to see it legal ban together to make it happen, then its smoking in the shadows as usual.