The Legal Battle over Marijuana use

The legalization of marijuana should not be allowed and shouldn’t even be an issue. This is the gateway drug for many heavy drug users that use the nastier stuff like cocaine and heroin. Legalizing marijuana would put it into the hands of the youth and would lead to more drug problems than there already is. The stupid youth would start to use these drugs and we would have more druggies than we need. Why do people want to use marijuana? This is because they have no personality and are not interesting when they are straight. By smoking mary jane they loosen up and they think they then are cool and interesting. The only difference in these people when they smoke the chronic is now they are stupid AND uninteresting. Smoking weed causes people to stop caring about pretty much everything. I know kids who smoke weed and you can tell. It doesn’t matter if there just a casual user or they get toked up every night with their white trash parents. They guarantee themselves no future when they start smoking weed with any normalcy. The people that use it have no drive in life and they just kind of fade away. They lose their ambitions and care only about smoking chronic with their stupid friends who are equally uninteresting. Let’s take a look at the hippies in the 60’s. Sure they had a few good ideas but what are ideas if your not going to do anything about them. Hippies just talked a lot of junk when they were high and did nothing to ensure this peace and love. Action is the only way to get anything done and the high hippies couldn’t do this because they were screwed up. On another note, marijuana is just plain dangerous and causes lung cancer. So you want to give this to cancer patients to stop their suffering? Why not just give them a lot of bourbon or pills to numb the pain that they have? It’s so the damn hippies have a way to get more dope from poor cancer patients so they can smoke themselves stupid. Talking about being stupid, marijuana will lead to an increase of crimes. Stupid people commit crimes and people act stupid when they are high. The only argument these damn hippies have is that no one has ever died from smoking weed and it will decrease the crime rate. Well, I just tore apart your second point. The first point is a lie because many people have died under the influence of marijuana. The effects cause people to do stupid things and God know we don’t need anymore stupid people.