The Legal Battle over Marijuana use

I’m not a “pothead”, and even I’m sick of the generalizations that potheads are just some lazy, dumb, no good, slackers. The valedictorian in the graduating class two years ahead of me, was a complete pothead. Many great artists, scientists, philosophers, etc past and present smoke(d) pot daily. Many job prospects are completely out of reach to pot smokers, because of drug testing. The false stigma presented because of years and years of purposeful misrepresentation and false propaganda is one of the reasons those “potheads” seem to lack ambition. What’s wrong with someone wanting to relax, to live the way they want to without harming anyone else or impeding on anyone else life? I think that generalization will stick because the modern excessive drug testing leaves limited job opportunities.

I’m sure that’s one of the reasons some people still don’t want marijuana legalized. They really don’t understand the culture, the people, the effects of the drug, etc. We can definitely thank Harry Anslinger for beating that idea into the minds of the public, that marijuana demonizes any user. As the head of the Bureau of narcotics in the 30’s, Anslinger was pretty much the trend setter for laws regarding marijuana. All the bogus propaganda, unfounded and without scientific evidence, was pushed into the minds of the general public. Fears of marijuana causing black men to look at white women in a wrong way, marijuana making you crazy, or making you listen to jazz, and even making you KILL! Unfortunately the absurdity of Anslingers lengthy stay in office helped to make marijuana illegal as it is today, and ensures the cause to get it legalized will take a lot of persuasion.

With the very concrete evidence that marijuana smoking is not an unhealthy recreational drug, I feel the legalization will happen fairly soon. All the facts about marijuana completely disagree with the ideas and propaganda that was used to keep it illegal. It’s not a gateway drug, in fact because of it’s illegality as well as popularity, most people that try harder drugs are doing so because there’s no pot to buy from dealers sometimes. It also seems apparent that the general curiosity of people in regards to things taboo is the gateway. It’s not a drug that’s the gateway, it’s the idea or want to experiment.

The fact that there has never been a death caused by marijuana use alone, in ALL of recorded history is a complete polar opposite of the deadly effect that propagandists would like people to believe. It’s been culturally accepted for thousands of years. Used by the ancients for medicine, and spiritual experience. Many ancients believed they could talk to god under the influence. That desire for spiritual experience is seemingly apparent in all people. Have you ever woken from a dream that you enjoyed so much, and you wish you could just go right back to sleep and experience it again? That sub-conscience realm that can be simulated from a marijuana high. The additional, or further exploration of ones mind, and the reality surrounding them. I think that craving is essentially the same as one that wishes to have a spiritual experience.

I’m very partial to the medicinal uses of marijuana. As a pain reliever and anti-nausea medication, is very comforting for people with cancer, especially when it is inoperable. My father passed away from cancer, and I think his last few months could’ve been much more comfortable. It’s a humbling experience for a family member to care for another with cancer. The possibility that legalizing pot, could help alleviate symptoms, and provide comfort for the cancer patient, is something I think many people would embrace. This is even more meaningful for this last decade with such an increase in cancer victims.

Removing pot heads, possessors from prisons, and spending more money, time and effort on fighting crime created by murderers, rapists, thieves, heavy drug users/possessors, instead of hunting down the pot heads. Making it legal could create many more job opportunities, increasing economic growth via jobs and even government taxation. It’s obviously been an inspiration in art and philosphy, a philosophy that could possibly unite people in the future. The fact that it’s not physically addictive, and the psychological addiction only apparent because of simple psychosomatic behavior, provides a wonderful argument against the “negative effects” of marijuana use. Legalizing marijuana can be so beneficial in so many respects, in so many ways, that it could create a better environment, and increase the quality of life nation-wide. Without reformation of marijuana laws many more people will lose jobs, not get pain relief, fill prisons with petty criminals, and users will continue to be demonized. Let’s be fair, let’s be just, let’s create a better future. It’s starts with reformation of ANY laws that inhibit, and to condescend the way a person wants to live. This is the land of the free, and we need to prove it, everyone!