The Legal Battle over Marijuana use

In this sophisticated society there are flaws in mandates prohibiting production or distribution of marijuana. The harmless herb that grows in nature and promises mind expansion is unfortunately treated as a crime. Why should there be a law to take away the right of a person to use and sell marijuana? Actually, our country should be a bit more like Amsterdam and lift all of the illegalities of the so-called drug. In fact, there is very little doubt that smoking marijuana is more harmless than drinking alcohol, which the magazine American Scientist can attest to. There is no wonder that Canadian, European and Chinese countries legalize the use of THC. In a movement of true justice, certain U.S. cities have legalized up to an ounce of possession of marijuana. THC is reproduced through natural means, and there should be a final defeat of prohibition of marijuana. People in congress should stand up and voice the new opinion of the pot culture of the U.S.
California was among the first of states to legalize marijuana for those that had medical cards from their doctor. The cards necessary are easy for almost anyone to get. In the past, marijuana did not always have a stigma. It was in the last century that smoking herb became taboo. For a long time accepted as a cultural practice among certain countries, in America, the 1960’s were the golden days of exploring consciousness through mind expanding chemicals. The time of freedom was upon an entire generation and they looked at marijuana, not as a crime, but a token of respect among friends. This wave of freedom lasted well into the 70’s and ended in the 80’s when a “war” against drugs, including marijuana, had been waged. The 90’s and 2000’s have shown a new promise of legalization in the U.S. with many cities turning over prohibition laws.
With respect to objections of the outlawing of marijuana use and distribution, no cause is greater than existing for the cause of freedom. To date, no harm or death of any kind can be attributed to the natural herb. THC is altogether a stimulant, a depressant and a mild hallucinogen. Perhaps this is why, in California it is easy to get a medical prescription. Marijuana has many medicinal benefits over so many other treatments that its eventual legalization all over America is inevitable. At SAFERCOLORADO.ORG there is a fact about herb:
“There are hundreds of alcohol overdose deaths each year, yet there has never been a marijuana death in history.”
This statement confirms the natural process of the drug with no side effects, never provoking undesirable feelings or actions. Ultimately, there is an assumption that no law should punish the user of any kind of marijuana consumption. In reality, no law should prohibit sales of the drug, either. Problems in science, or especially pharmacology, have never been noted and it is clear why a country-wide legalization should begin immediately.
There is a certain amount of negative criticism against the use of what is sometimes labeled a harmful drug. Marijuana, it seems, uses up brain cells causing the user to become less and less sensitive to the THC. The risk of losing brain cells during what was previously termed mind-expanding deserves caution for repetitious use. Furthermore, seen as a drug, the iffy methods of legalization could produce problems without becoming a medicinal use only culture. The problems surrounding a prescription as opposed to a lift of prohibition creates a dual sense of decriminalization. But even in cities where up to an ounce is legal, it is illegal to have any more and intent to sell remains outlawed, as well. If marijuana is addictive, as some say it is, it becomes a dangerous criminal habit for some. However, whatever stands against legalization is a great deal less than what stands for it.
Throughout this paper, the writer has imagined a new coexistence between a natural herb and those that partake of its essentially harmless effects. Whether slightly addictive or only usable for necessary medical cases, soon it will become easier and easier for American people to get high legally. Now law does not permit of what the future laws will overturn toward marijuana and what will be made legal all over America. The new laws often cite a legal age of 21 in order to possess any weed. Some patients that are prescribed THC, have also practiced their right to grow. Without a prescription the shadiest part about drugs is the selling, which wouldn’t be a crime if made justifiably legal.
It is without purpose that marijuana ever became a crime against any society. No harm has come from it, as quoted by U.S. Centers For Disease Control, “In 2001 there were 331 alcohol overdose deaths and zero marijuana overdose deaths.” (SAFERCOLORADO.ORG) This incisive information helps to reveal the reason that it is considered unfair to keep marijuana illegal. Without a doubt, decriminalization processes should begin everywhere. Everyone ever put in jail for marijuana related crime should be let out and in some cases paid back for their unjust treatment. With facts such as the above, no crime could ever be linked with a drug that has no death connected with its usage.
The accommodation for the legalization of marijuana is all around the world. The many ways that THC cure the system of pain and sorrow are taken for granted. The drug is known, as stated, as a light hallucinogen, inducing a surreal world of a carnivalesque, topsy-turvy fantasy land. Effects of the drug add to a social adherence to a code of ethics among friends that alleviates social-awareness of stress. Totality of feeling wholeness, in this modern day of loss, restores the partaker a spirit of salvation.
The numbers on Internet web-sites over and over display the facts as to the harmlessness of the natural herb. During the high, there are no side-effects except calmness and joy. Recovering what is lost in a daily agenda of consumerism, pot smokers learn the way to share among each other the good natured side of mankind. Overall, the following negates any harm coming from THC:
“as he joined over 500 economists in signing An Open Letter to the President, Congress, Governors, and State Legislatures on the benefits of legalizing marijuana.” (
Hallucinations of cosmic vortexes shine around the recreational use of the illegal substance. The higher priced the weed is, the better it is, which means longer lasting and higher highs. When in the grips of a ritualistic drug use nothing is predictable, but in fact, all bets are off for the reaction of the user. Most people on weed become calmer and more sedate, less prone to violence. The following quote illustrates this theme:
“Like most Americans, people who smoke marijuana also pay taxes, love and support their families, and work hard to make a better life for their children.” (
Without a doubt, this writer pleads with the reader to consider the case for legalization of marijuana. Users enjoy themselves and rarely speak of depression or stress. Ultimately, the user should have a manifested right to turn over prohibition and to help avoid putting people in jail for selling drugs.
For whatever reason drugs are illegal, weed is the least of all to bring about problems in usage. In fact, truth be told, it is the opposite, bringing about a new heightened perspective on life. Delving into the enjoyment of being stoned does wonders for the soul. Look what marijuana did for rock and roll. Without question, no one needs to go to jail for marijuana related crimes. The herb could and should be made legal.
Clearly, the decision to buy and smoke marijuana should be left up to each individual. Maybe the day will come when laws will change to the advantage of a changed society. In blissful memories created by the natural high of marijuana, the user will always discover the need for legalization all over the United States. This, of course, is the ultimate goal. Surpassing the need of all other rulings in the law, is the law to make cannabis legal. It is a resource that should not be denied access in modern society. Usage of the drug often incites the purest moments of unstrained consciousness, no longer affected by the outside world. But the inner world, does finally reflect the outer and the adventure of the high captivates the satisfied consumer every time. Thus, the end of prohibition should come about if freedom is to reign supreme.

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