The Legal Battle over Marijuana use

People could probably argue until the end of time, and certainly until I am not high anymore about whether marijuana should be legal. For me it all comes down to a basic principle that I live by. If you’re causing no harm you’re alright with me. What harm does the legalization of marijuana pose? I challenge you to open your mind and ask yourself honestly, why should it remain illegal?

First, you are not violent while enjoying marijuana. No one I have ever seen has had even the slightest violent tendency while high on marijuana. Perhaps you mean it is dangerous to the user? Ok a more valid argument, however, still flawed. On any given day, I perform a number of tasks that are perfectly legal that put my life in danger. Driving to work, eating genetically modified foods, drinking alcohol, etc. Not to mention, our so-called leader puts all of our lives in danger every day against my will; I would rather have the choice of how I put myself in danger.

It will lead to a generation of unmotivated youth.
As one of those unmotivated youth, I am here writing on the legalization for marijuana. It obviously didn’t destroy my motivation to write this article. It didn’t stop me from graduating college. It doesn’t stop me from going to work. It doesn’t stop me from fighting for what I believe in. What it does do is allow me to think in ways that I hadn’t experienced before. To view the world in a different way, its a more peaceful, relaxed, simple world. It changed who I am for the better.

Cost the government money.
OK, if you ever hear anyone say this, give them my email, I want to talk to them personally! The argument is as follows: With all the lazy, unemployed pot heads we have, our government will have to support them with new social programs. First, by legalizing we will be saving millions from being wasted by the legal system by prosecuting non-violent drug offenders. This savings will be greater than any social program that would (or would not) be implemented. Next, the programs would never need be implemented in the first place. If you want to sit at home and smoke marijuana all day and not work, I think you would be the first. If you were like that, then you really do need help, and our government should be happy to help.

Marijuana has many benefits as well; one benefit it does not have is lasting forever, so I will be back in a while to finish this up…

I mean it.