The Legalization of Marijuana

The Legalization of Marijuana

On November 6, 2012, the states of Colorado and Washington legalized the possession and use of marijuana. What does this mean for the nation of America in general? Was it a good decision? The answer to both of these questions is rather on the negative side. The legalization of marijuana was not a good decision for Colorado and Washington, nor is it good for the future of the United States.

The choice to legalize marijuana in Colorado and Washington was not a good choice for the two states. The little-known and little-broadcasted harmful effects of marijuana support this fact. Marijuana affects learning and problem-solving, as well as a higher risk of heart attack and lung problems. By legalizing the use of cannabis, the state governments of Colorado and Washington are deliberately putting the residents of their states in jeopardy. Is this really a good decision to make? Yes, the decision to use cannabis is in the hands of the adult who smokes. However, do the citizens of Colorado and Washington really want to set the example that getting high is perfectly acceptable and good for their younger generations?

Also, do the citizens of Colorado and Washington want to put their teenagers’ health below the importance of their own pleasure? Besides the above-mentioned health risks, marijuana has other effects on users. For instance, THC seriously weakens the body’s immune system and increases the risk of tumors and bacterial infections. A good number of Colorado residents are the remnant of the hippie generation and their children. To be perfectly frank, hippies have never been the most respected portion of the population for their decision-making paradigm, nor for their choices. Is the rest of Colorado all right with letting them decide the future of their state? It is almost inconceivable to think so.

The legalization of marijuana use and possession is not good for the future of the United States in general. In addition to the above-mentioned harmful health effects, marijuana is a gateway drug. If two states legalize cannabis, how many more will follow their example? What about the rest of the world? If the United States is as much of an influential nation as we think, won’t the rest of the world take after whatever is done? Shouldn’t the United States use its influence to better the world, not fill it with potheads? Why can’t the United States be the nation to oppose marijuana? Would it be so terrible to set the standard for clean living in the world?

Marijuana leads to other, much worse vices. A person smoking cannabis is likely to be open to trying other narcotics. Even if someone starts with the best intentions, it is so easy for us as humans to let ourselves go further and further and start justifying ourselves, even though we might know just how harmful our actions are or could be. Does the United States want to let the rest of the world think that it’s okay to just let yourself go and do whatever fanciful idea comes to mind? What kind of world would this be if that happened? Not one that I would want to live in.

The states of Colorado and Washington legalized the use and possession of marijuana on November 6, 2012. Was this a good decision for the two states? No. Does this look good for the future of the United States in general? No. This is seen through the harmful effects of marijuana itself, as well as the harmful effects of the very act of smoking it.