The Lottery Play Big to Win Big

Winning the lottery is a very rare and seemingly impossible task for the general public to accomplish, but it is a common sight to see the news and subsequently see people that have won the lottery. While the world is full of countless sceptics in regards to the seemingly impossible odds of winning the lottery, people are still continuously enticed to play it due to the sheer size of the cash prizes that are involved in it, even if the odds are heavily stacked against them. The majority of people will put a pound or a dollar or two a week on the lottery, but exactly how can playing big increase your chances of winning big?

If you put more money on the lottery at a time, you essentially stand a better chance at winning a prize. This is because you have a wider range of numbers that essentially cover a larger scale than a single ticket with a single set of numbers. This essentially means that putting more money on the lottery at one time could essentially increase your chances of hitting the jackpot. However, there are people that would argue that putting more money on the lottery at one time simply increases your chances of losing more money at once given the low chances of actually succeeding and winning a prize to begin with.

However, if you put ten pounds on the lottery at once, you are subsequently ten times more as likely to win a smaller prize such as the ten pound prize, meaning you are ten times more likely to break even after a single game. While this may seem a fool’s logic, it is often the fool that has the tendency to win big in regards to winning the major lottery prizes. While it is never a given certainty that you will win something in the lottery, you can essentially prove to earn more at once by putting more money on at one time. Ten pounds per game leaves an individual ten times more likely to win a prize, even if that prize is a ten pound prize that sees them break even, it is still better than nothing.

Despite the seemingly impossible odds of winning the lottery, it is even more impossible to win if you do not play, but in the even that you do play, if you decide to play big, you essentially stand more of a chance of winning a prize, no matter how big or small that prize is. With ten individual sets of numbers, you then have ten sets of numbers to check following the draw, which can subsequently reveal one or more ten pound cash prizes, or even a bigger cash prize, but you are still likely after all is said and done to not even break even.

The lottery is a simple case of luck. Despite many books and tips offering advice on how to win the lottery, it all comes down to sheer luck. Pick your numbers and put them on, but if you want to increase your chances at winning, then one method you can undertake is putting more money on the lottery at once. While this is a very risky move that should be done at the sole express content of a bill payer, it is a move that many gamblers and bookies alike will say is a wise move when it comes to the idea of winning big in the weekly lottery draws. When it comes to placing big money in hopes of winning a big prize, would you risk your money on the lottery in the name of hope and jackpot dreams?