The Meaning of Money

The next time you walk down the street, ignore the sound of traffic and look around – you will hear money talk. And the sound will be deafening.
Yes, wealth has a language too.

Spend, invest, loosen your purse strings
Look at the billboards, newspapers, shops, and malls.

When you go to the mall, what is it saying to you? “Come step in. I am so pretty. Feel free to open your wallet!”.

Think again; is it really the mall inviting you? It’s not the mall; it’s money, which tells you to give as much as you can. It’s also claiming a stake on your unearned money; by enticing you to pay in installments.

License to spend
Look around some more. There’s a company out there asking you to give it money to expand via an IPO. A mutual fund is enticing you by promising to grow it for you. Look at stores, which offer a promotion. And look at all transactions taking place around you, in general.

Money talks all the time
You earn well, and think you can afford it all. You’re a member of a gold or platinum club. Basically, you were being flattered. And you gave into this flattery.
You spent that money and lost an opportunity to create wealth while someone on the other end has added to his wealth. So, while your money is asking you to spend or accumulate wealth, ultimately, you choose what you want to listen to.

When you spend, someone else makes money
The idea is simple. You earn money and spend it on some service or product. That service or product provider spends it and consumes some other service or product. Cycles of transactions happen. As a result of these transactions someone becomes wealthier than others.

This is not to say that you should not consume what is essential and sometimes even what is luxurious. That is necessary and important but it is also a fact that there is obviously no equilibrium. Someone there has a better business model or service capability. The rule of life is that the best person wins. Get the logic?

Microsoft/Walmart/Verizon was not built in a day…
Here begins your journey of listening to money. There’s a three-point action agenda ie desire, strong desire and unflinching desire.
You must have the desire to do something. and it can’t happen because I am telling you or because you decide that from tomorrow you will increase the desire meter in your mind.

Microsoft/Walmart/Verizon was not built in a day. It took long years of unflinching desire, persistent effort and consistent reinvention to turn it into the company it is today.

That feeling of desire will come to you naturally, wait for it because if you really want it and work persistently toward it, it will come to you on its own.
And when it does, it will call for groundbreaking hard work. Too many people shy away from hard work.

Consider what will make you the best doctor, lawyer, manager or CEO in the world? When you crack this, wealth will find its way into your home.