The Methamphetamine Epidemic

Methamphetamine was introduced by a Japanese scientist as an aid for post-op recovery patients. A short time thereafter, it was at Hitler’s disposal. A private physician administered daily injections of the drug to the evil tyrant.

Meth is not a new problem, in fact, and is just as serious an addiction today as it was in Nazi Germany. Ironically, one method of manufacturing (cooking) the drug is known as “The Nazi Method.”

So why is meth an epidemic as far as drug addiction in America? One reason is that when Homeland Security tightened its grip on our borders, many illegally imported drugs became harder to obtain.

The United States is not capable of growing the plants necessary to make cocaine or opiates. The only drugs which can be produced by the US (besides pharmaceuticals) are marijuana and methamphetamine. Therefore, many cocaine users became meth users, etc.

With the closing of many meth labs across the country in recent years, however, importation from Mexico is on the rise.

It seems there is always a way when an addict is determined. If as much went into healing the world as goes into the seeking out of drugs by addicts, it seems there would be no more problems on earth.

Sadly, methamphetamine is extremely hard to kick, which means that not many former meth addicts can rise and unite, and together proclaim, “Eureka! This is how to stop the epidemic!”

I know this to be true because I have battled that war before. Until there are more survivors who stay clean long enough to unite and spill our guts to the courts, there will be no end to the suffering.

There will be no end to the epidemic in our country.