The Methamphetamine Epidemic

The drug, methamphetamine, is running full tilt in todays society. Sure, it seems harder to get, but thats because the people who are making it are trying to get the prices to go up. Yes, just like the oil and refinery companies are doing to gas. When
the prices go up, crime will defiantly go up. The “War on Drugs”, that is being waged by the government, in my view, is winning, but just barely. New ways and means are being brought to bear constantly. So that, the Government takes three steps forward and then takes two steps back. The emphasis has been on the southern border of Mexico, for the supply that is making into the U.S., today. Right now, there is huge production going on of different strains of the drug in the Far East. I think we will see this filter in, not from the south but, from the north. I don’t see any relief in sight. The “Meth Monster”, effects people in different ways. I’ve known people who could snort a quarter gram and eat and then sleep. Then there is the persons that do a quarter gram and stay up for two days and look for the easy come up. Driving or riding a bike searching for something to steal. Believe you me, more times than not, someone gets got. You wake up and your tools are gone. Especially, the drug addict that slams the drug in their veins to get high. The high is like nothing else ever felt. A thousand orgasms at once could easily describe that feeling. The drawback of course is the fact that it takes more and more each time to reach that pinnacle of ecstasy. Thus, crime is rampant among addicts. Even between themselves. Your circle of acquaintances is so small, because trust is non-existent. Those that think they can trust get burnt. Health is neglected. A person on Meth will not brush his/her teeth for days sometimes. The drug seems to suck a person dry, until that person looks like skeletor, with sore on their faces, arms, legs. Going to jail saves this person. Helps them to get healthy,so that upon release, taking up the life a an addict, they can commit more crimes to get high. The vicious circle of the disease is sometimes never ending.