The need for Universal Health Insurance

When you pay your taxes,you are paying to the government for a minimum of services that it has to provide to you. Among those services there are some that are basic and priority needs: HEALTH and EDUCATION. These are the basic elements that any individual needs to struggle, to survive and to get success. Those are the basic tools that any person needs to be healthy and educated.

What happen that in the American society simple solutions to heal the Health Care System’s illness can not be adapted? It happens that the Health Care problem is the same established Health Care System and that Daddy government is not doing its role. A Health Care System that sees the health problems of the population as a business is a sick Health Care System. That is the reason of the failure of the actual System. Businesses are governed by the economic Law of the Offer and the Demand. In other words who has more money can afford the services in full. Who does not have the money will get just what he/she can buy with his/her little money. These people can not get the treatment that they require because they can afford just for a part of it. They are half healed.

What are the solutions to a national problem like this? Very simple. There are no free lunches. That is a huge true at this time. So, everybody has to pay something. This payment must be proportional at the salaries and gainings of each individual. It could goes since the 5% or 7% of the salary for the employees that get just minimum salary, to higher percentages to employees or individuals with higher income or gains. These payments are per family. The head of the house would be the person in charge of the payments. The Insurance must cover any kind of treatment or medical procedures and referrals, as well as medicines for the whole family.

I am not telling you that this is the perfect System. Obviously a lot of problems are coming up as the new Health Care System is implemented. But it does not means either that those problems are impossible to solve. They have to be analyzed and solved as soon as possible. As a new System it needs very close observation since the beginning and any problem that comes up, no matter how little is the problem, needs very close observation, analysis and immediate solution. Who is going to be the top manager of this System?: Daddy government obviously. Daddy government is going to be responsible for the basic services that it has to provide to the population. The government will collect the money and do the distribution of it in the way that its studies indicate.