The Pros and Cons of Shopping in Primark

Primark is a chain store mainly specializing in fashion and accessories. It is popular among tourists visiting Central London as a place to shop for affordable, yet trendy clothing and accessories. At times, it can also be a paradise for the bargain hunters. From its humble beginning in Ireland, Primark has now invaded London streets as well as many fashion destinations in Europe. In addition, ‘Primark Online’ itself has developed into a preferred fashion destination in the internet. However, shoppers who believe that they are in for a bargain may find Primark shopping could sometimes be cumbersome, especially when the stores are visited during the rush hours.

When looking at the pros of shopping in Primark, the most obvious attraction would be its unbelievable offers. Although it may have aged over time with regard to giving out of earth offers, Primark is still renowned for its exclusive offers throughout the year. Even though the store does not advertise any offers, the price tags in Primark are generally cheaper than most other fashion stores.

In addition to prices, Primark stores also showcase a wide range of products including cloths, fashion accessories, home décor and other textile products. In addition, these stores also provide variety in each category which makes it one of the most versatile fashion stores around. At the same time, because of the high turnover of items at Primark, the designs that are available at one time may change within a short period. Thus, even the frequent shopper at Primark would be treated to novel designs and trending fashions each time he or she enter the fashion retailer.

According to customers who frequent Primark, the return policy of the store is also acceptable and is less cumbersome than many other retailers.

When looking at the cons of shopping at Primark, the rush hour queues could be very long and it is best to make use of early mornings or any other times the shops are not frequented by the bargain hunters. At the same time, one should not expect to receive a lot of personal customer care while shopping purely because of the workload that has to be undertaken by the sales persons working at Primark. However, they are said to be quite competent in what they are doing, and could be a great source of insight as to the latest trending fashions. According to some reviewers, the clothes and the accessories available at Primark may not be durable as they should be, and in most instances, this is acceptable when considering the prices attached to such items.

Although debatable, another negative fact associated with Primark is the manner in which they keep the prices so low when it is impossible for other retailers to even break-even by selling the goods at such rates. For promoting the use of cheap labor and selling goods that were produced in sweat shops in third world countries, Primark has been accused of unethical practices and was on the receiving end from time to time. However, Primark seems to defend such accusations successfully as the need arise.

Thus, when considering the overall experience at Primark, it is prudent to suggest Primark as a destination one should not miss if visiting an area with a Primark outlet. At the same time, based on shopper reviews, it is advisable that one should not rely much on its durability given the prices paid for the Primark products.