The Spirit of Receiving

Simplicity is a great concept. It is a way to get back to the beautiful basics of life. The ways that families can use the gift of simplicity to create a meaningful Christmas are endless and very individual. What you will find here are simple ideas that are bound to ring true for some families. See if one of them may be meant for you.

Some families truly enjoy the magic of Santa. Can Santa be made simple? You bet. Have the children write their letters and visit Santa. Make certain all their reasonable dreams come true. In the meantime, have Santa send each child a letter asking them to be Santa’s special helper with a simple assignment. Make certain the assignment is one the child will enjoy and can handle. It is a simple way of teaching children about giving. It’s fun and it can be a great tradition.

For some families Christmas is a very religious time to celebrate the birth of Christ. Often times there is a nativity set up in the home. The meaningful and simple part of Christmas may be that early Christmas morning the first thing the family does is run to the nativity and see that the baby has finally been placed in the manger. A sincere prayer of thanks and joy seems the perfect activity.

Keep commitments to a minimum. There is no reason that you need to attend every party. Over scheduling is not keeping it simple. A polite RSVP delivered with a thoughtful hostess gift is a good way of letting them know you are overbooked now, but to keep you on the list.

When it’s Christmas time, it’s a good time to remember that people matter more than things. Don’t let things get in the way of showing people how much you care. Showing kindness and love is truly priceless gift. Every time you purchase a gift for someone over the age of 10, keep that in mind. A simple gift can become a treasure with a well written card or story.

Make a reasonable budget and stick to it. Christmas should not cause stress all year long simply trying to pay the bills. Give generously from the heart.

There a few people that really don’t treat Christmas a whole lot different than any other day, because they fill every day with love and service. If you know one of those people be sure and thank them all year long. They truly understand the magic and spirit of Christmas and it has no boundaries.